Empowered partners with leading technology companies and develops long-lasting synergistic relationships that benefit our customers. We invest in advanced training and product certifications for our teams. We maintain hands-on experience with their products in our EmpoweredLab, and in the field with our Customers. We develop custom integrations where required, and maintain custom code libraries based on our successful implementations.

We interact with our Partners throughout their organizations. We develop relationships at all levels - Engineering, Product Management, Marketing, Sales and Support - and maintain regular contact with their Senior Leadership teams.

Taking these relationships seriously enables us to deliver the highest amount of value-add to all of our customers.

For all our partners, Empowered brings these key benefits to our customers in Canada: 

  • Close productive relationships in our partners' organizations, as your advocate
  • Best-in-class Products, from industry leaders, and niche solution vendors 
  • 24x7 bilingual technical support is available from Empowered 
  • Our team maintains the highest level of certification, on top of skills gained 
  • Advanced deployment and integration expertise, through years of experience  

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