About Empowered

Our Team

Our team has deep domain knowledge coupled with a total focus on customer satisfaction. All our service delivery people have extensive real world experience, have worked in environments like yours, and have used the products we include in our solutions. Our approach is to hire and retain team members as full time employees and we’re proud of our employee retention rate, consistently among the highest in the industry.

Our Holistic Approach

To us it’s not about the product or the service, it’s about solving customer problems. We invest in understanding our customers’ business so we can deliver not just products and services but solutions. We see the big picture and we know how to deliver real value, today and into the future.

Focus On Integration

We declare success when our solution is fully integrated into our customer’s processes and has been operationalized for the long term. We don’t ever simply sell and leave – we offer 24-7 post sales support from trained personnel. Since we often live on site with our customers, we intimately understand the customer’s perspective.

Our Best In Class Products And Partners

We are careful about the products we resell. We choose them carefully, we know them very well at a technical level, and we invest heavily in technical certifications. We run these products in our own lab, and we know how to integrate them with other solutions. We invest in our partner relationships, developing and maintaining strong relationships at all levels to provide the most leverage and value add for our customers.

Long Term Customer Commitment

We would rather have fewer customers who stay with us for the long term than many customers we don’t know well. Our objective is to build a long and mutually rewarding business relationship with each and every customer.

About Empowered

Empowered Networks accelerates your drive for innovation by optimizing change, managing risk and improving customer experience. Our team helps you select, deploy and manage technologies that help make applications, networks and projects more agile and drive positive business outcomes that translate directly to your bottom line.

Empowered Overview

Empowered Networks - Corporate Facts


Empowered was founded in 1998

Number of Employees:

Approximately 70 employees


Privately held by the founders since 1998




1315 Pickering Parkway, Suite 200
Pickering, Ontario L1V 7G5
Tel: 905.837.6585
Fax: 905.839.2681

Products and Services:

Empowered delivers end-to-end solutions for Networks, Labs and Data Centers. We do this by combining proven products from trusted vendors with our own expertise to deliver fully integrated solutions that solve real-world problems:

Our Professional Services include:

  • Consulting
  • Assessments
  • EmpoweredCare
  • Implementation
  • Out-Sourcing
  • Resident Engineers


E4 Methodology

Empowered's E4 Methodology is a straightforward, customer-centric framework that will bring you from ground zero to a completely installed and supported solution, or it can be used to solve any part of the process. We use E4 to customize a solution to meet your individual needs

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