The Empowered Networks Difference
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The Empowered Networks Difference

Our greatest shared passion is helping customers achieve successful outcomes. This is the common denominator at Empowered Networks and is embedded in our DNA. We regard this as our superpower and look for evidence of this shared belief when we are adding new team members. On every customer engagement, we sweat the details, we take the time to listen and clearly understand the customer’s business objectives and we are relentless in our pursuit of exceeding expectations. Truly successful customer outcomes are always a combination of people, process, and technology.

We also take a long-term view in everything we do. Our relationships with customers and with vendor partners are often measured in decades. The long tenure of many of our team members is something we are very proud of. In an industry that can often be focused on short-term results, we stand out in our belief that doing things right for the long-term will have positive effects in the shorter term as well.

We see technology and innovation as key ingredients in achieving successful outcomes. Learning and growing with constantly evolving technology motivates our team; enhancing solutions with our own customer focused innovations guarantees technology that tailor-fits a specific environment. 

Combining our focus on successful outcomes with a long-term view and the latest in innovative technology is the Empowered Networks Difference. This difference is why Empowered Networks continues to stand-out in the technology industry and has ensured not only our success, but most importantly, the success of our customers.

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Our History

Empowered Networks has a long and interesting history of solving customer challenges with technology. Empowered Networks was founded over two decades ago, but our roots go much deeper and span approximately 70 years. In 1998, Empowered Networks was spun-out of the Canadian subsidiary of Wandel & Goltermann, a German-based network test technology firm. The three co-founders of Empowered Networks, Glen Emo, Brian Hepburn and Gary Mollon, led W&G Canada since 1986. Before its acquisition by the German parent in 1986, W&G Canada was a successful Value-Added Reseller in the network test space called R-O-R Associates, which was founded in 1953.  

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The technology innovations that R-O-R, W&G Canada, and now Empowered Networks have brought to customers over the last seven decades reads like the history of communications technology. Empowered Networks’ culture and approach were forged and strengthened over this tremendous journey!