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Empowered IP

Empowered Intellectual Property (IP) leverages our decades of specialized experience and allows our innovations to empower customers on a global scale. Our Empowered IP consists of both products and services that provide high value to our customers in specialized areas.


  • The EmpoweredAdvisor™ platform, a SaaS-based offering, enables customers to automate the security, compliance, and lifecycle management of their networks.  The platform is licensed by Infoblox and sold as a complementary offering to both their NetMRI and Network Insight products.
  • Our Network Topology Viewer technology integrates dynamic topology visualization with complementary compliance and operational data enrichment. The Network Topology Viewer is licensed to Infoblox and incorporated into the latest release of NetMRI.
  • Our EmpoweredIntegrate™ offerings provide integrations between management systems and enable automation and optimized workflow.


Empowered’s Automation and Operational Services utilize proprietary methodologies and in-house developed intellectual property. Examples include:

  • Our DDI Assessment and Merge-Assist Network Assessment provide valuable and actionable process and technical recommendations.
  • Our Management System Front-end Automation engagements help provide a customized interface to targeted users for specific business applications, abstracting many of the technical complexities inherent in most management tools.
  • Our Health Checks and EmpoweredCare™ solutions leverage our decades of experience and help optimize the usage and financial return on key management systems.