Why Compliance Auditing and Reporting demands Automation

https://www.flickr.com/photos/joebeone/1764153258/in/photostream/You’re in your regular leadership team meeting when the CIO turns to other business and announces “…and we have our regular annual PCI Audit coming up in three weeks so let’s make sure we’re all ready for it…”

Did the CIO see that involuntary twitch cross your face?

Is that binder of PCI findings from the last audit still sitting on your desk?  Have you closed all the items? Has the virtualization project your team has been working on somehow impacted PCI compliance? When you acquired that competing firm in another part of the country, were they ready for a PCI Audit?

Compliance auditing and reporting is essential in the Application Economy.  Customers vote with their wallets when an enterprise fails to secure their systems and data.  Beyond assuring availability and performance of your service offerings and the underpinning infrastructure, securing customer data is key.  Firms that understand how to secure customer data have a decided market advantage over firms that can’t manage the threat.

Customers care about Compliance

The Cisco 2017 Security Capabilities Benchmark Survey indicates: that

  • 23% of companies surveyed lost a sales opportunity as a direct result of data breaches or security incidents.  Of these, 42% described that loss of opportunity as “significant.”
  • 22% of companies surveyed lost current customers because of a data breach… Of these, 39% described that loss of a customer as “significant.”
  • 29% of companies surveyed could directly relate a loss of revenue to a security incident… Of these, 38% reported that loss of revenue to be 20% or more… a “significant” impact.

Whatever compliance framework matters to you – PCI DSS, DISA STIG, NERC CIP or some other industry-specific compliance framework – networking teams and managers need effective tools to integrate compliance into their overall operational security tasks.

The costs to remediate surprise deficiencies, in terms of productivity, disruption to projects and unplanned spending, can be significant.  No wonder the Verizon 2015 PCI Compliance Report found that only 28.6% of companies who were fully PCI compliant were able to sustain that compliance for a full year.

Your network needs to be compliant every day, not just on audit day, and the only way to achieve that is with automation and continuous testing.

How Empowered can help

Infoblox NetMRI™ provides a comprehensive Policy Engine that allows continuous, automated testing of every network device’s configuration for compliance with any standard.  With built-in policy content for PCI DSS and DISA STIG v8, and the capability to add additional content quickly and easily, NetMRI helps ensure your network is always compliant, and provides you the documentary evidence you need to prove it.

Empowered Networks has helped companies like yours use NetMRI to verify their compliance to a number of frameworks.

  • We’ve implemented and updated PCI DSS v3 for our Retail customers
  • We’ve implemented NERC CIP compliance policy for our customers in the Utility sector
  • We’ve implemented and updated DISA STIG v8 for our Federal Government customers
  • We’ve also helped customers with policy projects for CIS CSC, HIPPA and other frameworks

Our team is also behind EmpoweredAdvisor™ for NetMRI, an add-on service for Infoblox NetMRI™ that helps you determine which vulnerabilities impact your network security posture, and take timely action to keep your network secure.

Can Empowered help you improve, and automate, your Compliance Auditing and Reporting?

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