Application-Aware Network Performance Management

Application-Aware Network Performance Management

Visual TruView™ – Focused on the Experience of the End User

Visual TruViewVisual TruView is an application and network performance monitoring tool that has been recognized by leading analyst firms and honored with several industry awards. Ranked as a leader in Gartner’s NPMD Magic Quadrant and Best Hybrid AANPM Solution in Enterprise Management Associate’s Radar Report, Visual TruView is leading the way in performance monitoring, troubleshooting, and analyzing both network and application systems, commonly referred to as Application-aware Network Performance Management (AANPM).

This application and network performance monitoring and management tool embeds the most important data sources such as packet, transaction, NetFlow/IPFIX, and SNMP and presents analytics in a time correlated single dashboard view. These correlated views will help you to quickly see how well the infrastructure is transporting applications and how well those applications are performing in context of the end user experience. And, TruView's integrated 10 Gbps full line rate stream-to-disk packet capture ensures you'll never miss an important event again, as verified by the Tolly Group independent performance test. Learn more about Visual TruView.

Visual TruView Video Overview

This video playlist provides an overview of Fluke Networks Visual Truview.  The first provides a high-level introduction, while others drill down to specific use cases. Click the arrows to navigate.


Visual TruView - Key Features

TruView embeds key capabilities typically found in discrete products into an all-in-one appliance solution:

  • 10 Gbps Stream-to-Disk Architecture - Collects, stores and analyzes 10Gbps of flow and packet data simultaneously with no TopN limitation, and no data pruning
  • Response Time Analysis - Passive monitoring of transaction response time for user, network & application tiers
  • Retrospective Analysis - Transaction level Performance is correlated, from an End User Experience metric view
  • Network Traffic Analysis - Market leading IPFIX / NetFlow analysis, with integration of End User Response Time
  • Device Performance Monitoring – See interface availability, traffic analysis details across LAN, WAN, and Cloud
  • VoIP Quality of Experience - Unique graphical depiction of VoIP calls, with drill down to degradation factors
  • Integrated Management Console - consumes, time correlates and displays analytics from all data sources

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