OptiView XG Portable Network Analysis Tablet

OptiView XG Portable Network Analysis Tablet

If portability is your key requirement in a network troubleshooting tool, let's talk.

The OptiViewOptiView® XG Network Analysis Tablet is the first network monitoring tablet specifically designed for the network engineer. Designed to support the deployment and troubleshooting of new technologies, including unified communications, virtualization, wireless and 10 Gbps Ethernet, this network analyzer and monitoring tool automates root-cause analysis of wired and wireless network and application problems allowing the user to spend less time on troubleshooting and more time on other initiatives.

Optiview XG Video Overview

This video from Sierra Media on the OptiView XG gives a pretty comprehensive overview.
It highlights how to investigate, isolate & diagnose root cause problems quickly & accurately.


Optiview XG Network Analysis Tablet - Key Features

  • All-in-one Network Analysis Tablet, supporting 10GigE - Line Rate Packet Capture & In-Line/Pass-Thru Analysis
  • Combines multiple functions so you're ready for anything, from Wi-Fi, to access, to data center & virtualization
  • Take it to problems, or monitor proactively - Multi-User Remote Access via Remote UI or Web Browser
  • Performance Testing & SLA Verification, up to 10G - Line Rate Packet Capture & In-Line/Pass-Thru Analysis
  • Wi-Fi planning, analysis and troubleshooting support for 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac WLAN + Spectrum Analyzer
  • Removable hard drives for Classified environments
  • Advanced Mapping & Discovery, and Integrated Reporting

For more, see the Optiview XG page at FlukeNetworks.com


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