CA PPM enables organizations to align investments with corporate goals, thereby selecting opportunities that deliver the highest return from scarce resources. Organizations can strategically manage investments, resources and commitments using sophisticated evaluation and selection criteria, creating and optimizing planning scenarios, communicating decisions, monitoring progress and managing new ideas.

CA PPM - Overview Video

Empowered sells and supports CA PPM. It's the technology foundation for our key successes in Portfolio Management.

CA PPM provides:

  • Investment planning with the ability to create and assess project & product portfolios
  • Flexibility and accuracy in measuring investment evaluations through out-of-the box metrics, such as benefit, cost, alignment & risk
  • Unlimited "what-if" scenarios to help select the best business alternatives
  • Real-time investment status for faster response to success impediments
  • Idea management to help avoid missed business opportunities by providing an enterprise-wide vehicle for employee engagement
  • Realistic portfolio scenarios that take into account dependencies among investments

What we like about CA PPM:

Our PPM team came to Empowered with all kinds of real-world PPM experience. They have seen and used just about every PPM software system on the market and they like CA PPM for its:

  • Comprehensive functionality (Projects and Ideas, Applications, Services, Products, Other Work, Assets, Incidents) –reducing the number of systems that must be maintained
  • Portfolios that can automate the collection of activities into a multitude of business views to support accountability and decision-making
  • Custom automated processes that can be used to support many needs including support for business processes, data integrity assurance, alerting and communicating and complex data creation
  • User-level configuration of views that provides for the creation of a small set of focussed system level views while permitting custom views for individuals
  • Multiple methods to define and control access for individuals and groups that can be tailored for many types of business or multiple business security needs
  • Tools to support the manipulation and transfer of data both within Clarity and with other systems.



Timely, accurate installations tailored to your environment to speed turn-up time, reduce costs and maximize ROI

Evaluation Support

We can help you plan proof-of-concept trials, demo key functionality in your environment, and demonstrate results

Needs Assessment

Our highly skilled domain experts can help define the challenges, architecture, and structure a roadmap to address your priority needs

Health Checks

Our experts perform a structured review to ensure that your current solutions are optimized, and working at peak efficiency


Qualified experts with current practical experience can deliver training online or onsite

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Empowered’s Technical Assistance Center (TAC) in Ottawa is first point of contact for all support requests. 7x24 support is available, contact us for details

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