Visibility & Monitoring

Visibility & Monitoring

Agile, DevOps, containers, the Cloud and SDN are rapidly changing the rules.
Have your IT Monitoring Tools kept pace?

Cutting through the noise coming from the complex individual components
is key to staying focused on the end-to-end service delivered to customers.

Solutions for Visibility & Monitoring


Our IT Monitoring Tools Assessment examines the IT Monitoring Tools and Capabilities you have in place, how your teams use them, lifecycle costs, and alignment with business goals. Our experts collect, organize & analyze quantitative data, and map out a phased action plan to achieve your priority goals, retire & replace dysfunctional, unused or overlapping Tools, to fund new Tools that address new business requirements.


With the increase in complexity, scale, and dynamism of today's operational environments, traditional monitoring and event management approaches immerse operators in a sea of red with no way to discriminate between useful information and noise. Yesterday's solutions don't support today's needs.

Moogsoft AIOps changes the paradigm by moving the focus from events to situational awareness by providing cutting edge machine learning, improved engagement processes, and automated knowledge collection and reuse. The results are superior problem detection, faster troubleshooting, and improved collaboration.

Moogsoft AIOps

The complexity, scale, and dynamism of today's environments makes traditional packet analysis ineffective. Yesterday's solutions don't support today's needs.

ExtraHop leverages the data on the wire to help you visualize your environment, all components in the service chain, and the customers' experience, with end-to-end clarity. The ExtraHop platform provides normalized access to the information passed between services and components, with zero impact on the monitored environment, rapid programmability, simple extensibility, open integration, and flexible deployment options. ExtraHop will revolutionize the way you visualize and ask questions about your business.


Everything in IT transits the network, and wire-data is key to answering technical, security, and business questions. Ixia’s Visibility Architecture enables effective access with the security, control and scalability you need. From network taps for monitoring, to by-pass switches for IDS and other security tools, to network packet brokers to leverage existing toolsets on upgraded network links, Empowered can help you achieve your goals while minimizing costs.

For over 25 years, NetScout has delivered breakthrough packet-flow technology for comprehensive real-time network and application performance intelligence for the network, applications and users. NetScout is one of the most recognized brands in the network performance management industry, and the market leader in application and network performance management solutions.

NetScout recently acquired Fluke Networks, and related products. Learn more at the links below:

PureShare ActiveMetrics is a software-based proactive management tool that enhances business interactions by answering the question, “What is happening right now?” with interactive visualizations of real-time operational metrics – without the need for reports, manual spreadsheets or slide-ware. PureShare provides executives, managers and staff with direct, anytime access to business metrics that can be used on a daily basis to understand the business and its current status without manually assembling and analyzing information.

PureShare Metrics Visualization


Why Empowered

Empowered has extensive expertise in visibility and monitoring, developed over decades of real world experience with some of North America’s leading IT-dependent enterprise, public sector, and service provider clients.

Providing ground breaking solutions which leverage products from our trusted partners as well as offerings from the open source community, we can help your organization to enhance its visibility, eliminate blindspots, and drive information to the people who need it most, your business.

Let’s start a discussion centered on your needs and preferences. We'll present options you should consider, and a path forward.



Timely, accurate installations tailored to your environment to speed turn-up time, reduce costs and maximize ROI

Evaluation Support

We can help you plan proof-of-concept trials, demo key functionality in your environment, and demonstrate results

Needs Assessment

Our highly skilled domain experts can help define the challenges, architecture, and structure a roadmap to address your priority needs

Health Checks

Our experts perform a structured review to ensure that your current solutions are optimized, and working at peak efficiency


Qualified experts with current practical experience can deliver training online or onsite

Technical Support

Empowered’s Technical Assistance Center (TAC) in Ottawa is first point of contact for all support requests. 7x24 support is available, contact us for details

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