Do your IT Monitoring Tools
deliver the value you need?

Empowered's Tools Assessment can help chart your path forward

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Do your Tools
leave you "Flying Blind"?

Your Tools must address the critical aspects of your technology environment, and deliver proactive visibility

Do your Tools
Address Today's Needs?

Many Tools remain bound to how networks and applications worked a decade ago

Do your Tools
Enable Your Team?

Your Tools should enable efficient processes and help your team work together to deliver a differentiating customer experience

Do your Tools
Deliver Real Value?

Identify Tools that consume excessive cycles, support & budget without delivering needed capabilities & value, and phase them out

Improve Service Delivery

Focus your teams on improving Service Availability, Performance and Security

Cut IT Overhead & Spend

Discover the true lifecycle costs of your tools, and areas for improvement

Streamline Processes

Optimize your Tools and Processes for efficient use of Human Resources

Identify Overlapping Tools

Determine the best Tool for each job, and phase out overlapping Capabilities

Minimize Fire-Fighting

Enable effective collaboration across IT and the business

Eliminate Ineffective Tools

Phase out low value tools that don't deliver capabilities needed

Structured Methodology

We've developed a structured methodology to examine the collection of IT Monitoring Tools and processes you have in place, as a data-rich foundation for our analysis & guidance

Strategic Guidance

From this basis, Empowered provides strategic guidance on how & where to optimize the value of IT Monitoring Tools to deliver maximum impact on the key goals that matter to your business

Quantitative Analysis

Our experts collect, organize and analyze hard data on your IT Monitoring Tools, their true lifecycle costs, how your teams really use them, and how they align with your business goals

Actionable Insights

As a primary deliverable, Empowered will map out a series of actionable insights you can implement right away, in phases, or as pragmatic next steps, with all the help you need

Expertise in IT Monitoring

Empowered has 20+ years of experience as a specialized integrator of IT Monitoring Tools

Domain Knowledge

Our team understands the landscape of Tools, vendors and business requirements, as they've evolved over time

Track Record of Success

We've delivered massive ROI for many Enterprises, freeing up funds for new strategic investments

Leverage Open Source

We also know how and where to leverage new Open Source alternatives, where they make technical & financial sense

What to Expect from an Assessment

Identify Operational Risks

Address Monitoring Blind Spots
Enable Teams to Collaborate
Ensure Alignment to Key Goals

Streamline Processes

Reduce/Eliminate Fire-Fighting
Reduce Effort & Interactions
Leverage Tools & Automation

Optimize Value & Benefits

Reduce Costs & Effort
Identify Cost Savings
Increase Return-on-Investment

Develop a Strategic Vision

Determine Initial Steps & Roadmap
Remove Redundant Products
Simplify Technology Infrastructure

IT Monitoring Tools Assessment - Free Consultation

Leverage our Domain Expertise

  • Empowered has extensive expertise in IT Monitoring, developed over decades of real world experience in IT & Network Operations
  • Advanced Skills in industry-leading and Open Source solutions, including integration with widely-used enterprise systems-of-record
  • Our Assessment Methodology includes Business & Lifecycle Analysis, Portfolio Rationalization, rooted in our Portfolio Management practice
  • Our reference accounts include leading IT-dependent enterprise, public sector, and service provider clients throughout North America

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Why Empowered?

Tools Assessments from EmpoweredEmpowered has been at the forefront of Network IT and Service Monitoring and Management for almost two decades. Empowered solves operational problems in some of the world’s most complex environments by working with our customers to architect solutions that address both businesss and technical needs. We combine a deep understanding of the technology and current trends, with pragmatic operational experience in effecting transformational change.

Our Team has decades of experience in helping organizations implement and evolve their tools and processes for IT and Network Monitoring and Operations, Service Operations, at all levels of maturity. Our technical team has deep expertise in systems integration, with advanced skills and formal certifications in a wide range of supporting technologies and products.


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