Carrier-Class Synchronization Platforms

Carrier-Class Synchronization Platforms

microsemiSynchronization is an essential component of the carrier-class network, and the quality of services delivered to customers. Empowered is the go-to partner for Synchronization, for Canada’s top Wireline and Wireless Service Providers, Cable Operators, Power Utilities and a growing number of other players in the marketplace.

Carrier-Class Synchronization Solutions

Microsemi leads the world in precise timing solutions. Empowered is Microsemi's exclusive representative in Canada.

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Carrier-Class Platforms & Products

Empowered provides Microsemi’s full suite of carrier-class synchronization solutions, including:

  • pdf TimeProvider 5000 is a high-performance IEEE-1588 / PTP timing source, with flexible I/O ports, carrier-grade design and a compact footprint. For more on PTP, see our page PTP for Wireless Carriers
  • pdf SSU-2000 Synchronization Supply Units (SSU) - Designed in a NEBS-compliant package, the SSU 2000 integrates intelligent functional modules into a flexible, fully redundant system
  • pdf TimeHub 5500 Building Integrated Timing Supply (BITS) – TimeHub 5500 is a modular, fully redundant timing distribution system for major central office applications
  • Carrier-class NTP and IEEE-1588/PTP modules that leverage existing sync infrastructure, to distribute NTP and PTP with the accuracy, scale, redundancy and service quality required for new services and applications, while maximizing ROI, and minimizing operations costs
  • pdf TimeProvider 1100 and 1000 meet the need for high quality synchronization beyond the network core, in metro and access offices, where fewer outputs are needed
  • pdf TimeCesium 4500 is a carrier-class Primary Reference Source (PRS) that uses Cesium III beam tube technology to generate superior and highly reliable Stratum 1 synchronization signals, key to delivering extended holdover and meeting precise performance, redundancy and service quality goals. TimeCesium 4500 was formerly known as the PRS 45.
  • pdf TimeSource 3050 and 3550 (263 KB) are Primary Reference Source (PRS) solutions that use GPS / GNSS as a source, with high accuracy and reliability, and OCXO or Rubidium holdover options
  • pdf TimePictra provides scalable end-to-end management with map-based interfaces to monitor performance data, manage configurations, detect issues, degradation and failures, and diagnose and repair problems quickly and securely.
  • Cable MSOs will be interested in DOCSIS Timing solutions, and the TimeCreator 1000


Trust Empowered's Expertise

Empowered has unparalleled expertise in designing and deploying carrier-class synchronization solutions from the industry leader, Microsemi. Empowered can help you:

  • Explore and explain your available options to support new and evolving technical standards and services, while keeping legacy equipment and services running smoothly
  • Phase out legacy Synchronization Equipment before failures accelerate, assist with upgrade implementations, and recover displaced equipment to support remaining sites
  • Source and implement the right solutions for your needs, with Engineering and Design Support, Turn-Key Installation, and Cut-over Assistance
  • Evolve your operations and management capabilities, and the skills of your team, to ensure your synchronization network delivers the stable foundation carrier-class networks require


Empowered’s services help you get the most from your Sync investments:solutions icon-final

Professional Services for Carrier Customers

  • Turn-key Implementation Services – Unlike traditional telecom installers, our installation teams do full turn-key, delivering a complete, accurate installation, on time, with fewer visits, reduced costs, and minimal impact on your team
  • Synchronization Audits – An Output Audit delivers the accurate, current records you need to ensure a smooth cutover, and avoid mistakes. We do a comprehensive physical check and trace of all outputs, and document all output terminations. Optionally, we can also evaluate redundancy and design for key network elements and SS7 links, and do any grooming required to facilitate a cutover
  • Cutover Assistance – Cutting over a Synchronization BITS shelf to new equipment is a complex, critical activity – If it doesn’t go perfectly, customers will be seriously affected. Empowered’s team has vast experience, and the expertise required to diagnose and resolve issues on the spot. We can also develop a comprehensive Method of Procedure (MOP) document for your team to implement. Leverage our experience, best practices and methodology to ensure your success
  • Training – Empowered can customize and deliver training online, at your facility, or at Empowered’s training center in Ottawa, lead by qualified synchronization experts with current practical experience
  • Technical Support – Empowered’s Technical Assistance Center (TAC) in Ottawa is first point of contact for all support requests. Our bilingual Technical Service Analysts provide quick resolution to product usage questions and known problems for all Microsemi products. 7x24 support is available, contact us for details

Our team of Sync Experts has unparalleled experience, advanced skills and training, with a track record of success in delivering turn-key services to major service providers. Most have more than 20 years experience in telecom, in key roles like design prime or technical support for network-wide synchronization.


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