Timing & Synchronization

Timing & Synchronization

Empowered provides Timing & Synchronization for your network. Whether you need to provide Time-of-Day throughout your enterprise network, power utility or industry application, frequency synchronization throughout a central office, microsecond-precise phase throughout your mobile LTE network, we have your solution.

Timing & Synchronization Solutions

Empowered is Canada's Primary Reference for Time, Frequency & Phase Synchronization, for all markets and requirements

Most organizations need at least one network time server to provide Stratum 1 GPS-referenced NTP that is secure, accurate, reliable and easy to use. Protect your organization's network, log files, and operational integrity and eliminate the risk of taking time from the Internet. Trust Empowered's expertise to help you find the right solution for trusted source of official time for your network and applications.

High quality synchronization is essential for LTE, LTE Advanced, and Voice over LTE, to deliver optimal performance. IEEE 1588 – also known as Precision Time Protocol, or PTP – is the standard for extending precise frequency, time & phase synchronization to the wireless network edge.


Precise, secure and reliable timing and synchronization is essential for Wireline and Wireless Service Providers. Modular, fully redundant timing distribution systems are required in central offices, along with scalable solutions for smaller offices, and intelligent management systems, to support a wide range of legacy, IP and Next Generation Network applications and services.

Microsecond timing is an operational necessity for monitoring and control of the new Smart Grid, SCADA control systems, Protection and Control, Phasor measurement units (PMUs), IED’s for sampled values, revenue meters and peripheral substation equipment all require precise timing. \

Empowered has built strong relationships with key Energy and Utilities companies across Canada over more than a decade, helping our clients design, deliver and implement precise timing solutions for many different applications.

Empowered supports all solutions from Microsemi's Time and Frequency Division, from specialized solutions for the cable industry, satellite operators, telemetry and other specialized applications, to components like oscillators and chip-scale atomic clocks, to cesium primary reference and and hydrogen masers.

Please contact us with your specific requirements.

Why Empowered?

Empowered is Canada's Primary Reference for Time, Frequency & Phase Synchronization solutions, for all markets and requirements.

Our team of Sync Experts has unparalleled experience, advanced skills and training, with a track record of success in delivering turn-key services to major service providers. Most have more than 20 years experience in telecom, in key roles like design prime or technical support for network-wide synchronization.

  • 18+ years of experience and relationships with Canada's leading Service Providers and Sync Customers
  • Unparalleled depth of experience as a specialist in Timing & Synchronization, for all network technologies
  • Advanced skills, training and a track record of success delivering turn-key services to major service providers


Turn-Key Implementation

Timely, accurate installations with minimal impact on your team, fewer visits & reduced costs

Lab Evaluation Support

Our help to plan technology trials of PTP in your lab or in the field, and to evaluate trial results

Synchronization Audits

The accurate, current records you need to ensure a smooth cutover, and avoid mistakes. We can also evaluate redundancy and design, and groom as required

Cutover Assistance

Leverage our vast experience and expertise to diagnose and resolve issues on the spot


Qualified synchronization experts with current practical experience can deliver training online or onsite

Technical Support

Empowered’s Technical Assistance Center (TAC) in Ottawa is first point of contact for all support requests. 7x24 support is available, contact us for details

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