Wi-Fi & Wireless Testing

Wi-Fi & Wireless Testing

Ixia logoIxia is a leading supplier of converged network and application performance testing solutions for a broad range of IP and 3G/LTE networking equipment. Ixia's test and simulation platforms generate realistic, media-rich traffic to stress routers, switches, and converged network appliances, providing the most comprehensive solution for testing converged IP services from the wireless edge to the Internet core.

Wi-Fi & Wireless Testing Solutions


Wi-Fi Testing solutions validate performance of APs, chipsets, controllers, and deployed networks, with precise control and emulation of real world environments.

Wireless Testing solutions emulate the complexities of today’s LTE, 3G, Wi-Fi, and heterogeneous networks (HetNets) in the lab, so equipment providers and mobile operators can validate critical network elements and optimize the subscriber experience, with full realism, roaming, congestion, interference and failures, on a city-wide scale.

Synchronization & Ethernet Timing

Ixia 3500 - Testing SyncE, IEEE 1588 & Carrier Ethernet

Synchronization Platforms

Ixia 3500 validates the performance of synchronization services and Carrier Ethernet functions, to verify compliance to international standards for Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE), IEEE 1588, PTP, Circuit Emulation Services (CES, IETF SAToP, IETF CESoPSN, ITU-T Y.1413), MPLS-TP and Carrier Ethernet OAM.

Microsemi, the world leader in time, frequency & phase synchronization solutions is a key partner of Empowered.  Empowered is an expert in Timing & Synchronization for Telecom, IEEE-1588 (aka. PTP)  and SyncE - critical capabilities for LTE Mobile Networks.

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