Test & Lab Automation

Test & Lab Automation

Empowered helps our customers transform testing into competitive advantage, and align lab investments with business drivers.  

Empowered provides best-of breed, comprehensive automation solutions to help you:

  • Share expensive assets across multiple labs and groups, and reduce capital expenses
  • Do more testing with less manual effort, greater test coverage and fewer Customer Found Defects
  • Transform to Agile and DevOps methodologies, increase innovation and get to market faster
  • Eliminate repetitive manual tasks, minimize errors and troubleshooting,
    and maximize productivity of subject matter experts
  • Drive more testing projects through your labs, concurrently
  • Demonstrate Lab Utilization, enable cost allocation, chargeback

Expanding the scope and coverage of testing, making optimal use of assets and resources, and reducing cycle times - is a key priority in our customers' Labs across Canada.  

Test & Lab Automation Technology

Our solutions for Test & Lab Automation address:

  • End-to-end lab automation dramatically simplifies configuration and provisioning of lab resources, and enables resource reservation, scheduling and 24/7 unattended test execution
  • Rapid test-bed configuration, spanning physical and virtual systems, servers, DUTs and test sets, with tight integration to storage resources
  • Capturing manual testing steps for any vendor’s test set, to enable portable, reusable test objects and workflows, shared across development, QA, and even technical support
  • Flexible solutions to enable and automate physical layer connectivity, power management and remote access in the lab and datacenter

Empowered recommends
CloudShell and TestShell from Qualisystems


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Your Testing Lab is a huge cost center.  Empowered’s years of experience in the business of device, network and system testing gives us unique insights into these challenges, and how automation can be used to solve them.  Empowered can help you:

  • Assess the testing assets, and lab and test management processes you have in place
  • Understand and quantify the real costs of your the status quo
  • Quantify the savings, process impacts and ROI you could achieve
  • Define and automate test plans, to make them repeatable and reproducible, with support for dynamic and automated adjustments to test parameters
  • Select the right solutions to address your priority needs and budget, and integrate them into your processes
  • Support you all the way, with ad-hoc and in-depth training, scripting support and the integration help you need to get started, and achieve your goals


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