Ixia IxChariot

Ixia IxChariot

Industry's Leading Pre-Deployment and
Live Network and Application Assessment Tool

Ixia logoIxChariot is the industry's leading test tool for simulating real-world applications to predict device, system, and network performance under realistic load conditions. Comprised of the IxChariot Server and Performance Endpoints, the IxChariot product family features a new web interface accessible from most platforms that support HTML5-aware browsers.

Taran Singh of Ixia gives an overview of IxChariot on This Week in Enterprise Tech.
After introducing Ixia at a high level, Taran discusses the details and evolution of IxChariot,  a variety of use-cases, and (at 47m20s) a brief demonstration of IxChariot.

For more, click through to www.ixiacom.com for full IxChariot product details.

Version 9.0:  “IxChariot Anywhere”

The latest version of IxChariot can be run from the cloud with the main console hosted from a single site or data center and accessed publicly by teams at multiple locations. Patented Ixia technology allows endpoints to traverse firewalls to deliver a seamless, elegant solution for assessing performance between private and cloud networks—without compromising security.

Highlights of Version 9.0 include:

  • New Cloud capable console – Runs on Amazon's EC2 and private cloud
  • Set up your own public endpoints on any VPS / cloud
  • Tests can be run from behind firewalls – no configuration required
  • Full REST API – control and integrate with anything 


IxChariot Benefits

  • Industry's Leading Pre-deployment and Live Network and Application Assessment tool
  • Designed for IT teams – multi-user out of box; access and run tests anywhere in your network
  • Assess your network with realistic apps – Create realistic traffic to validate network performance
  • Verify SLA for networks – Instant end-to-end assessment
  • Measure device performance over Wi-Fi and understand performance of access points under load
  • Validate hypervisor performance – 100% software endpoints can be deployed anywhere


Key IxChariot Features

Securely Access and Run Tests from Any Browser

  • Web-based platform, uses HTLM5 and a full REST API for access from any modern browser; multi-user access

Application Emulation

  • Configure mixes of applications based on number of users or based on generated throughput
  • Ready to run nearly 100 popular applications with BreakingPoint AppLibrary

Voice over IP Call Emulation and Quality Assessment

  • Create real bi-directional peer-to-peer call flows across the network
  • Select from codec G711, G729, AMR codec, and others
  • Assess voice quality with MOS, R-value, and impact of delay, jitter, and packet loss on call flows
  • Scale to hundreds of real-time conversations without effort

Interactive Real-Time Statistics

  • Inject real traffic into the network to measure the impact of new applications
  • View test results in real-time; measure critical network metrics including bitrate, loss, jitter, delay

100% Software Performance Endpoints

  • 100% software Performance Endpoints run on any hypervisor's Linux or Windows guest O/S
  • Validate the performance of VM-to-VM traffic; throughput, latency, and loss for TCP/UDP apps
  • Create ad-hoc traffic topologies between different servers in the VM infrastructure

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