Supporting the WFH transition with Infoblox NetMRI

Attention Network Teams: Effective immediately, obtain your complimentary Infoblox NetMRI subscription license to manage up to 200 network devices – for up to 1 year.

With recent precautions being recommended in the fight against community spread of the Coronavirus, the world is facing a fundamental shift in the way we approach daily life. In accordance with governmental recommendations to prevent community spread, many of us will be beginning a new social experiment in working from home.  I, myself, am writing this post from the comfort of my home office where I will be working for the foreseeable future.  The upcoming days will provide us all with new and interesting challenges in completing our daily tasks and we’ll likely need to adjust our mind sets and practices to adapt. In many cases, tasks we’ve done for years in minutes from the office will now require planning and communication that encompasses this new “WFH” framework.

On the average network team this will be challenging from both a security and management perspective. With a substantial increase in the number of people relying on the network, the infrastructure is now more important than ever before. Further, the teams that maintain them are now outside the offices themselves, posing an additional remote management challenge. Of course, companies need to maintain continuity in this challenging time.  This means secure and organized change processes that extend beyond the edge of the network. 

Many of our customers and partners have an advantage in this respect as they can leverage Infoblox Network Change Configuration Management (NCCM) solution, NetMRI® to securely manage their networks from a distance and, in many cases, create automation to ensure an additional layer of management in the absence of on-site teams.  This provides a single central solution to allow reportable, reproducible changes with built in approval processes and role-based access levels.  NetMRI supports device configuration backup and restore functionality in case of disaster, SSH tunnelling with logged interactions and role-based permissions, and templated or scripted configuration changes.

In an effort to help support your organization’s heath and safety and to provide this fundamental management ability to those who may not currently benefit from the tools Infoblox NetMRI® provides, Infoblox made an announcement yesterday, on their blog, that they will be providing 200 managed device licences for free during this trying time, for one year.

Empowered Networks is proud to partner with Infoblox in this effort and is offering to setup the Infoblox NetMRI® instance remotely. This complimentary professional services offer will include a basic configuration and overview of functionality available. This will provide you immediate visibility and remediation options to help maintain the network from a single pane of glass either on-site or from your home office.

For more information on how to leverage this free offering see Ingmar Van Glabbeek’s post here and to leverage the free setup and configuration from Empowered Networks, get in touch by clicking the button below.

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