Solving the PSIRT Challenge

Snapshot_2How many times has this happened to you? You’re out with IT friends after work and one of them mentions “Hey, did you see that PSIRT advisory from Cisco that just came out? Wow, that’s going to be a big problem for us to fix!”

As you nod gravely, you peek at your phone’s web browser and try to read the bulletin to gauge how bad your day is going to be tomorrow.

For years customers and partners have been pushing network vendors to clean up their code to help secure the network. As a result, there are more and more advisories being published by the vendors, and more patches being created to resolve the issues they describe. And I say “good for them!” The focus on clean code and rapid response is a crucial one in the fight to keep our networks secure and available.

But this focus poses a problem: How do we know which devices on our networks are affected? And how do we fix them efficiently and make sure they stay fixed?

The answer has two parts. The first part is having a platform that allows you to produce a reliable and constantly updated inventory of your network equipment. Infoblox NetMRI provides the automated network inventory collection, powerful compliance auditing, and improved reporting needed in addition to complete network change and configuration management.

The second part is having a way to easily manage the constant flow of advisories and leverage your NCCM investment to audit and address them. Empowered developed NetMRI Advisor™ as a cloud-based add-on subscription for Infoblox NetMRI that provides a constantly refreshed vulnerability feed that is delivered to your NetMRI appliance. By leveraging NetMRI’s inventory of network devices and the robust NetMRI policy engine, we automatically create NetMRI Advisor rules and policies in the NetMRI environment, then scan your inventory for any devices affected by a given vulnerability.

Don’t let the next PSIRT advisory ruin your out-of-office time. Let NetMRI Advisor help you find and fix vulnerable devices faster, easier and more consistently.

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