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Public + Hybrid Cloud

Implement a single source of visibility and auditing over your Public Cloud deployments.

Infoblox DDI for Public Cloud provides a single place to manage DDI for the entire business by extending your enterprise DNS to AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

Infoblox DDI streamlines the management of your Public and Hybrid cloud resources by:

  • Administering a sole, consolidated view of DNS and IP address information across multiple cloud providers.
  • Automating the collection and update of used address information.
  • Offering your cloud properties the same enterprise-grade DNS, DHCP and IP address management services.

Cloud-Ready DDI enables a holistic and comprehensive view of all of your diverse resources. Consolidated visibility across cloud, virtual and on-premises environments reduces blind spots and conflicting views:

  • Automatically discover and track virtual machines (VMs).
  • Streamline audit processes and compliance with continuous insight into VMs, with both current and historical views.
  • Stay up to date by automatically discovering decommissioned VMs and dynamically reconciling and releasing network resources, including IP addresses and DNS records.
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Securely extend your enterprise network to the cloud with complete visibility. Infoblox Cloud-Ready DDI ensures that your network policies for DNS and IP address provisioning are uniformly applied across on-premises and cloud environments, all with centralized management. Reduce management complexity by distributing the authorization to provision policies, while maintaining complete oversight and visibility. Scale your DNS and accommodate IP address capacity to meet the requirements of your growing cloud.

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