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Network Insight Advisor

Ensure your network is secure and up-to-date with automated device lifecycle, security and compliance notifications in Network Insight.

Network Insight Advisor takes Network Insight, the market leading, integrated DDI multi-vendor discovery and switch-port management solution, and adds automated device Security, Lifecycle Notification and Compliance as an add-on service.

By leveraging Network Insight’s extensive discovery engine, Advisor compiles the most up-to-date risk and vulnerability information, helping you to improve compliance and operational security management. Infoblox Network Insight with Advisor provides you with next level network discovery, visibility, automation, compliance and control capabilities, saving you time and money while simplifying your network management workload.

Device Advisor Dashboard, Reporting View
  • Would your team benefit from having the ability to easily and quickly identify, as well as remediate, vulnerable devices on your network via automated alerts of policy violations, security risks and compliance issues?
  • Would you like to eliminate unnecessary manual processes and human errors by automating the complex and overwhelming process of cross-tabulating vulnerabilities?
  • Do you currently have an automated mechanism in place to alert your team of outdated and obsolete software? Are you looking to resolve problems faster via automated individual or bulk change capabilities?

Leverage Network Insight Advisor to eliminate the manual time and effort expended by your team collecting and analyzing security advisory and other data from key sources.

Translate that data into usable alerts that are automatically streamed to the platform.

Eliminate the manual process of cross-referencing individual advisories with different model and OS versions.

Receive a curated feed of continuously updated rules and policies that highlight impacted devices in the context of your network.

Create customizable alerts to identify devices requiring further review, so your network and security experts can quickly isolate where remediation action is warranted and establish where action can be deferred.

Automatically detect and alert when devices and software are reaching lifecycle milestones (e.g., end-of-life or end-of-support).

Stay on top of both current and upcoming changes.

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