NetMRI 7.4.4 Release Notes

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NetMRI 7.4.4 Release Notes


All existing customers have the option to upgrade their deployments to auto-failover configuration for both standalone, Operations Center and collector appliances.

The following sections describe additional device support, upgrade guidelines, resolved issues, and known issues for the current release.

NOTE: As part of the security testing, active penetration and vulnerability scans are conducted. All reported and discovered SQL injection vulnerabilities have been fixed. A number of other vulnerabilities have been found and fixed as well, but the work for the lower severity vulnerabilities is not quite complete and will be addressed in the upcoming releases. All vulnerabilities require an authenticated user to initiate the action. No unauthenticated exploits exist to the limits of our testing ability.


This section describes the features and improvements made for this release.

  • Performance Dashboard: Provides visibility into important metrics of the NetMRI performance and health.
  • New partitioning scheme for VMs: New specialized partitions (Database, Logs, Backup, etc.) enable flexible storage management.
  • Common Access Card authorization support: Allows the verification of client CA certificates for users with the Common Access Card.
  • Ability for users to log in to NetMRI via their organization’s SSO using the SAML authentication service.
  • SNMP version 3 support for encryption protocols AES-192 and AES-256.
  • Ability to specify multiple domain name suffixes for deriving device name from its FQDN.
  • Discovery diagnostics: The Discovery Diagnostic window now displays the DeviceUniqueKey parameter that the Infoblox Technical Support uses for troubleshooting.
  • Errors related to jumbo frames are excluded from the triggers of some network alert messages.
  • NetMRI Advisor integration with Topology Viewer: Visualize which devices are impacted by a CVE or a lifecycle event on the topology maps.

Additionally, the 7.4.4 release provides a number of bug fixes. See Resolved Issues.


This section describes features no longer supported in this release or planned for removal in a future release. These features are ones that have not been adopted by customers or were for specific cases in the past. Since NetMRI contains such a rich feature set, these items are being trimmed to ensure that the focus can be placed on improving those features that are in use and adding new features in areas where use cases are growing.

Deprecated Features

Deprecated features are features that are skipped during release qualification. The code remains unchanged but may be removed in a future release.

There are no deprecated features in NetMRI version 7.4.4.

Obsolete Features

There are no obsolete features in NetMRI version 7.4.4.

Planning for Deprecated and Obsolete Features

There are no features that are candidates for becoming deprecated or obsolete in a subsequent release.


The following devices are newly supported for Release 7.4.4:

A10TH3040Load Balancer4.1.4-GR1-P2 (build: 151)
AlcatelOS6860E-U28Switch-Router8.5.196.R04 GA
AlcatelOS6860E-P48Switch-Router8.5.196.R04 GA
Alteon6024XLLoad Balancer30.5.10.0
APCSmart-UPS X 3000PowerController7.4
BSNBig Cloud FabricSD-WAN4.7.5
CiscoIse3315K9Security Manager2.4.0.357
CiscoSNS3595K9Security Manager2.6.0.156
CiscoSNS3655K9Security Manager2.6.0.156
CiscoASR9912RouterIOS-XR 6.4.2[Default]
F5Viprion-B4300Load Balancer12.1.2
F5Viprion-B4450NLoad Balancer13.1.1.2
H3CMoonshot45XGcR16Switch-Router7.1.045, Release 2432P02
RaritanDSX2-16MConsole ServerRaritan OS
RaritanDSX2-32-3Console ServerRaritan OS


The upgrade image file is ib_network_automation-7.4.4.XXXXX.gpg.

The following table provides guidelines for the upgrade of previous NetMRI versions to the 7.4.4 version, including specific cases.

6.9.x or earlierUpgrade to 7.0.5, followed by 7.1.4, and then to 7.4.4.
Upgrade to 7.1.4, and then to 7.4.4.
Upgrade directly to 7.4.4.
HA system running 7.1.2, 7.1.3 or 7.1.4Apply hotfix v7.1.[2-3-4]-NETMRI-30000.gpg before the upgrade. These hotfixes can be found on the AutoUpdate server.
NOTE: When applying the hotfix, there is a reference to 7.1.4-NETMRI-30000. Ignore this reference.
Systems that do not connect to the Internet or AutoUpdate serverDownload the upgrade image file and SCP it to the admin users’ directory on the appliance. Then run the standard AutoUpdate utility from the NetMRI Admin Shell to perform the 7.4.4 upgrade.

Data collection is shut down on Operations Centers during the 7.4.4 upgrade. In Operations Center Controller-to-Collector communications, all collected network data passes from the Collector to the Controller through a tunnel connection. Tunnel connections are shut down during upgrades to 7.4.4.

Special Note on External Authentication/Authorization Services

If using external authentication over SSL, ensure it supports TLS 1.2. prior to upgrading NetMRI.

Upgrade Sandbox Instances

Ensure that Sandboxes (either local or remote) are fully and properly upgraded/reinstalled (to the starting release version) prior to starting an upgrade. If a sandbox is in an incorrect state prior to a follow-on upgrade, this may create issues that are difficult to diagnose.

Local sandbox instances for NetMRI are automatically upgraded.

Remote Sandbox instances (for example, sandbox instances on a VM server) must be manually reinstalled in the following cases:

  • You upgrade between major versions, for example, from 7.3.3 to 7.4.1.
  • You upgrade to 7.4.4 (minor version).

When you upgrade between other minor versions, for example, from 7.4.1 to 7.4.2, you do not need to redeploy the remote sandbox.

To reinstall a remote sandbox instance:

  1. Download a new Sandbox VM file from Infoblox.
  2. In the Admin Shell, run the sandbox deregister command for the previous remote sandbox.
  3. After the NetMRI upgrade is complete, deploy a new instance of the sandbox image.
  4. In the Admin Shell, register the new instance with the sandbox register command.

For more information, refer to the topics Using the NetMRI Sandbox and Setting Up a Remote Sandbox in the online Help.

NOTE: To extend the image size and internal swap partition size for the local sandbox, manually execute the sandbox reset command after upgrade. Any changes made to the sandbox (e.g. additional libraries installed, etc.) will be lost during this process.


Tested Browser Versions

NetMRI 7.4.4 has been tested with the following Web browsers:

Microsoft Windows 7®Microsoft Internet Explorer® 11.xMozilla Firefox 63.x Google Chrome Latest
Microsoft Windows 8.1®Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.x, Edge Mozilla Firefox 63.xGoogle Chrome Latest
Microsoft Windows 10Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.x, Edge Mozilla Firefox 63.xGoogle Chrome Latest
Apple® Mac OS X 10.13.6Safari 13.0.5

NOTE: Internet Explorer 11 renders Topology Viewer with issues. Topology Viewer requires a browser that supports the ES6 standard (ECMAScript 2015 and later). IE11 does not support this and later standards.

The unsupported browser warning has been removed. There may be occasional display issues as these browsers go through their rapid release cycle; however, we expect enough compatibility in their coding that it doesn’t make sense to highlight the version difference in red during every login.

When viewing NetMRI, set the screen resolution of your monitor as follows:

  • Minimum resolution: 1024×768
  • Recommended resolution: 1280×800 or better

Supported Hypervisors

Infoblox offers NetMRI in a virtual machine version. The following hypervisors support NetMRI 7.4.4 VM operation:

  • VMware ESXi 5.5, ESXi 6.5 and ESXi 6.7
  • OpenStack Kilo


Product Support

Infoblox technical support contact information:

Telephone: 1-888-463-6259 (toll-free, U.S. and Canada); EMEA, +32 3 2590440; +1-408-986-4000, ext. 1



To access the latest documentation, please visit


Training information is available at:


The following issues were reported in previous NetMRI releases and resolved in this release.

Fixed in NetMRI Release 7.4.4

NETMRI-33463Config Archive failed when using SSH keys instead of password
NETMRI-33457Valid Neighbor entries were dropped when LLDP was enabled
NETMRI-33444Discover Now and Discover Next were disabled for unlicensed or unmanaged devices
NETMRI-33419“Performance” > “Reboots” Graph chart showed “No Data To Display…” for All Devices
NETMRI-33417ACL: AMQP ACL rules were not removed on upgrade
NETMRI-33415UI: discrepancy between available group lists in Issue Analysis settings
NETMRI-33378UI: Overwrite rule during import was impossible
NETMRI-33374Application restarted due to high swap usage
NETMRI-33348Custom report was broken due to change in LLDP attribute-doc-id
NETMRI-33323Port Config numbers on Device Viewer were different for the same device when compared against GCC & SCC
NETMRI-33305Fingerprint workers multiplied uncontrollably
NETMRI-33300SOFT050 on collectors because logrotate could not handle Rails log numbering
NETMRI-33298UI/Services were down due to deduplication issues
NETMRI-33277NetMRI API session cookies expired too fast if Inactivity Timer setting was set to 0
NETMRI-33270Job failed with errors connecting to sandbox due to application restart
NETMRI-33268Issue with saving settings when Remote Hostname contained hyphen
NETMRI-33266Meraki Inventory did not match the numbers seen in Meraki Dashboard
NETMRI-33261Perl API call against ‘DiscoveryStatuses’ returned data along with a Parser error
NETMRI-33241Error loading API documentation for “Devices”
NETMRI-33237Python script failed with gzip errors
NETMRI-33229Config files missed on collector
NETMRI-33228SET variable in CCS script did not handle escaped “=” correctly
NETMRI-33221Meraki: Free/used/available info should be displayed at interface level
NETMRI-33219Current issues were not displayed for a Device Group
NETMRI-33217A check should be performed if Meraki devices IPs are assigned to other devices
NETMRI-33215RemoteConfig directory was not overwritten if ‘Include date in directory name’ was off during Remote config Archive procedure
NETMRI-33202Known devices were missing in IPAM Sync if it was configured with no timeline restriction
NETMRI-33192Audit log of cli proxy was not merged to syslog
NETMRI-33185ifDescr field missed in the FindIT search and the results grid
NETMRI-33072CDP Capabilities in Discovery Diag should be printed in hex
NETMRI-33049Is was impossible to reset sandbox due to low disk space on it
NETMRI-32739DeviceSupport: updating MIBs on a running system disrupted data polling
NETMRI-32683Upgrade OpenSSH to a latest stable version 8.x

Fixed in NetMRI Release 7.4.4 Documentation

NETMRI-30879Added information about CLI commands supportbundle legacy, legacy upload, and collectalllogs to Support documentation
NETMRI-32755Updated the “Database Archiving Function” section
NETMRI-32910Updated the FindIT feature description
NETMRI-33191Updated data fields in sections “Executing NIOS IPAM Sync” and “Viewing IPAM Sync Discovered Data in NetMRI and NIOS”
NETMRI-33156Change field “Size” into “Size, B” in “Opening the Report Manager” topic
NETMRI-33174Updated the description of the restore Admin Shell command
NETMRI-33579Updated documentation about using SSH keys for database archiving
NETMRI-33721Fixed list numbering in the Online Help topic “Importing Data From a Reference NetMRI Instance
NETMRI-32591Updated the “Using the Issue Viewer” topic in the Online Help


The following items are notable bugs or potential improvements found by Infoblox or reported by customers. These are candidates for future maintenance or major releases. For information on specific tickets, please contact support.

TOPOV-88Internet Explorer 11 renders Topology Viewer with issues. Topology Viewer requires a browser that supports the ES6 standard (ECMAScript 2015 and later). IE11 does not support this and later standards.
TOPOV-85Icons are hidden when device type is chosen in Topology Viewer
NETMRI-33771Event about closing Telnet session is not shown in Audit log
NETMRI-33768Failed login via CLI is not shown in Audit log
NETMRI-33766Interface performance charts show “No Data to Display”
NETMRI-33764After Collector replacement the old Collector is showing in UI for some time
NETMRI-33759Sometimes Secondary member is stuck during upgrade
NETMRI-33752Custom reports with Data Collection Status attributes that end with ‘Ind’ have incorrect results.
NETMRI-33743In rare cases SOFT100 appears on collector after WeeklyMaintenance
NETMRI-33716Determining device credentials’ during connection to device is marked failed even when CLI credentials for the device are already guessed
NETMRI-33712Sometimes error pop-up window appears if user closes OCSP test connection dialog
NETMRI-33700Report fails when Advisor parameter is used under report filters
NETMRI-33693OCSP service is still shown in UI for ~5 seconds when user deletes it
NETMRI-33691Can’t open Device viewer -> Settings & Status -> Device Support in IE 11
NETMRI-33687CAC: Sometimes browser certificate alert appears two times in a row
NETMRI-33677Sometimes UI in Settings -> Authentication Services is broken
NETMRI-33661Y-axis values get concealed towards the left of the Live Viewer when it exceeds six characters
NETMRI-33645GUI error soon after the user login “unknown error has occurred”
NETMRI-33641A lots of “JobHandler configured but not running” messages appears under /var/log/messages on sandbox
NETMRI-33637Report is empty when number of columns present in the report exceeds a certain value
NETMRI-33625Group and Performance data consolidation thresholds in Performance Dashboard are missing
NETMRI-33618Unexpected error messages appear during SNMPv3 credentials guessing procedure
NETMRI-33567It is required to re-login from adminShell to see new available commands after upgrade
NETMRI-33487Drop-down name in Dashboard tab is not changed when switching between drop-down options
NETMRI-33129APIC device is discovered with errors if there is discovery setting of another type overlapping it