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NetMRI Advisor

Easily monitor and enforce security policies and end-of-life advisories in NetMRI.

NetMRI Advisor, an add-on to Infoblox NetMRI, helps you ensure your network is secure & compliant with automated security and lifecycle notifications. Make sense of security advisories and related information, determine which vulnerabilities impact your network, and initiate timely action to keep your network secure.

With NetMRI Advisor, your team can:

  • Automatically and continuously enforce and audit network infrastructure configurations.
  • Simplify enforcement of corporate and regulatory compliance requirements such as PCI, HIPAA, DISA and STIG across multi-vendor equipment.
  • Eliminate compliance drift, cut compliance workload and automate audit reports.
  • Receive continuous updates and monitoring for security advisories as well as end-of-sale and support notices impacting your devices.

NetMRI Advisor offers continuous monitoring and a curated feed of security advisory data and lifecycle data alike. Receive timely security advisory data and detect the devices and related software that is end-of-life, to quickly and confidently remediate your vulnerabilities.

Supported vendors:

  • Cisco, including Cisco WLC wireless controllers
  • Infoblox
  • Juniper/Netscreen
  • Arista
  • Palo Alto
  • Riverbed (Steelhead)
  • Bluecoat
  • Avaya
  • Checkpoint
  • Aruba
  • HP
  • Dell
  • Cisco Meraki

With NetMRI Advisor’s integrated topology viewer, your team can view a comprehensive and dynamic network map of all devices discovered by Infoblox NetMRI. Quickly and easily identify devices that require immediate remediation with a robust hover-over display that provides associated end-of-life and security lifecycle count information. From here, your team can drill down and take action, ensuring your network is secure.

NetMRI Advisor Topology Viewer Features:

  • Support for more than 3,000 devices on the screen, up to the licensed amount of devices in NetMRI
  • Dynamic presentation
  • User-defined custom views
  • Robust search and filter capabilities
  • The ability for users to annotate and add or edit nodes and edges
  • Hover-over and pop up actions
  • Customizable settings

Optimize Life Cycle Planning by Locating Unsupported Devices

Quickly detect devices and software in your network that are at end-of-life and where new vulnerabilities can’t be remediated. NetMRI Advisor provides end-of-life notices and the corresponding EOL dates for devices in your environment, enabling your team to plan for replacements where unsupported devices will increase risk and impact compliance.

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