Log Analysis
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Log Analysis

Uncover root causes for your alerts and surface previously unknown issues predictively, with automated and intelligent log data analysis.

With centralized log and metric data all in a single platform, eliminate context switching between IT Infrastructure monitoring and log management products. Easily correlate relevant logs against key metrics, all in a single platform, with out-of-the-box integrations or utilizing a custom log source.

Analyze 100% of log data and assess it contextually against pre-defined metrics and alerts, enabling rapid troubleshooting. From within LM Logs “New Logs” page, all logs are centrally displayed, allowing for the easy detection and alerting of anomalies across your infrastructure. From this page, rapidly assess unusual activity in the monitored infrastructure and take corrective action.

Enable your team with intelligent AIOps detection of key log events. Be alerted of anomalous log patterns, using continuous profiling algorithms designed to automatically learn, limiting the need for complex manual analysis.

  • Easy creation of custom alert conditions for anomalies or known issues
  • Environment-wide dashboards to allow predictive monitoring
  • Comprehensive and extensive log collection
  • Intelligent and rapid log anomaly detection
  • Faster troubleshooting and resolution
  • Unified Observability Experience

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