Infrastructure Monitoring
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Infrastructure Monitoring

All the monitoring you need to support your complex hybrid IT Infrastructure, from the cloud.

Quickly enable full-stack observability across your cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments with cloud-based infrastructure monitoring. Reduce time to value, optimize your MTTR (mean time to repair) and make more informed decisions with AI-powered capabilities.

Leveraging LogicMonitor’s robust and advanced AIOps capabilities, your team can proactively identify and address IT infrastructure issues before they negatively impact your business critical systems and end-user performance. Reduce MTTR with advanced forecasting, root cause analysis and anomaly detection capabilities across your entire technology stack.

LogicMonitor provides advanced visibility into hybrid infrastructure environments. Minimize tool sprawl and context switching with a unified view of infrastructure health and performance utilizing 2000+ built-in monitoring integrations. Enable your team to consistently monitor resource utilization, network usage and performance, including:

  • SaaS services essential for remote work
  • Applications, IOT devices, and more
  • Servers, storage, and databases
  • Cloud and container resources
  • Networks and networking gear
  • Websites

Automate deployment and configuration.

Easily and quickly discover your hybrid IT infrastructure with lightweight, agentless collectors, eliminating the requirement for expensive hardware. You’ll have the monitoring, alerting, and business intelligence you require to maintain and optimize infrastructure performance. As you expand and grow your technolgy stack, have confidence that your monitoring platform will scale as fast as you do.

Improve productivity with AIOps.

Streamline troubleshooting and proactively prevent issues across a wide range of infrastructure environments utilizing LogicMonitor’s dynamic AIOps features, in real-time.

  • Proactively identify surface anomalies and provide precise root cause analysis for business-impacting issues.
  • Prioritize critical issues with dynamic thresholds.
  • Leverage advanced forecasting to predict future trends and plan utilization.
  • Manage infrastructure dependencies with dynamic topology mapping.

Correlate relevant logs with metrics in a single platform and minimize context switching between IT infrastructure monitoring and log management.

Sophisticated algorithms and AIOps capabilities support automated log analysis and detect and surface them automatically for faster troubleshooting and reduced MTTR.

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