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Cloud Monitoring

Manage and monitor the health of your entire cloud ecosystem including comprehensive coverage across AWS, Azure, and GCP.

LogicMonitor supports comprehensive monitoring to provide you with full observability across modern cloud environments, whether public, private, or hybrid. Automatically discover, apply, and scale monitoring for dynamic cloud infrastructures, such as AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Intelligent cloud monitoring features:

  • Assign log events in the context of IT Infrastructure performance in order to provide your team with the necessary insight to know where and why an event is happening.
  • Identify and prioritize issues with instant and enhanced visibility into cloud resources, log, and application performance.
  • Streamline previous workflows that may have leveraged legacy or vendor-agnostic platforms.
  • Visualize your entire on-prem, cloud, and microservices ecosystem, within one platform.
  • Correlate performance across your entire infrastructure.

Cloud environments are dynamic and evolve rapidly based on business need. Your monitoring platform needs to align with the demand. LogicMonitor can automatically detect infrastructure modifications and apply monitoring resources accordingly,no matter the scaling rate.

Effective alerting in dynamic infrastructures can be challenging to manage and prioritize, potentially increasing MTTR.

LogicMonitor’s dynamic thresholds and robust anomaly detection capabilities, leveraging AIOp, enable your team to intelligently separate high priority issues from noise:

  • Dynamic thresholds monitor the expected performance range for your services and use intelligent anomaly detection to identify performance outside of the pre-defined range.
  • Patented algorithms detect log events representing change and anomalies across entire environments.
  • Root cause analysis (RCA) identifies actionable alerts by reporting only on the primary cause of issues.

Reduce business risk by enabling the quick and intelligent identification the root cause of issues aross your entire IT infrastructure.

Rapidly action alerts and rectify issues, based on pre-defined criteria and thresholds, before they negatively impact your business and end-users. Streamline efficiencies by identifying, prioritizing and displaying severe issues while excluding anomolies and freeing up your team from the time-consuming and manual task of sorting out what’s essential and what is not.

Container monitoring enables easy and automated monitoring and pre-configured alert thresholds for AWS Container Services such as EKS and ECS, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), and Google Kubetnetes Engine (GKE). Containerized applications are auto-detected, monitored, and alerted on based on best practices.

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