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Data Connector

Enhanced Context and Efficiencies When Investigating Incidents

Getting access to the right data for event correlation and incident response can be challenging, particularly in dynamic and complex environments. By automatically correlating network context provided by DNS, DHCP and IP address management services (DDI) with security events, Infoblox Data Connector readily provides your security operations team with detailed intelligence on the scope of attacks and the criticality of compromised machines, all while filtering out the noise from real threats.

  • Would your Security Operations (SOC) team benefit from having the ability to connect the dots when investigating incidents, performing subsequent analysis and taking action?
  • Are you looking to optimize the amount of data storage and processing costs of your SIEM solution via the filtering out of unimportant and irrelevant information?
  • Would access to contextual information be required to correlate events, rapidly assess the scope of a breach and respond to subsequent incidents be of value to your Security Operations (SOC) team?

Optimize your SIEM (Security Information Event Management) data storage and processing costs. By gathering information from Infoblox DDI, BloxOne DDI and BloxOne Threat Defense solutions can:

  • Filter out legitimate activity
  • Limit information sent to your SIEM platform to suspicious DNS and security event activity along with information on compromised devices

Cloud-managed Data Connector provides enriched Infoblox reporting. Your team can benefit from deep visibility and context on network and security events by automatically gathering data from DNS, DHCP and IPAM servers and the subsequent pushing out of that data to your on-premises Infoblox reporting as well as BloxOne Threat Defense cloud reports. Features include:

  • Device audit trail and fingerprinting
  • Metadata including owner, application, security level, location
  • Device and or user profile and activity

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