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Cybersecurity Ecosystem

Today’s cybersecurity teams are tasked with keeping up with a constant barrage of alerts, far more than they can often handle. Further, a plethora of security tools, manual processes and staff shortages adds additional complexity. Infoblox’s robust Ecosystem Exchange enables security organizations to benefit from a highly interconnected set of integrations, arming them with the ability to eliminate silos, optimize their security orchestration automation and response (SOAR) solution and increase the ROI of their entire cybersecurity ecosystem. The bi-directional sharing of data across the ecosystem, enabled by extensive APIs, drastically reduces the time and cost of threat response.

Empower and unify your Security Operations and IT teams with Infoblox Ecosystem Exchange. Enable them to:

  • Protect against DNS based threats from the entire network landscape, including public and private cloud vectors with near real-time notifications.
  • Significantly reduce your team’s security response time.
  • Review enriched contextual data about DNS based threats including device and IP information.
  • Integrate, as well as automate, your entire security ecosystem from the time a threat is first identified through to remediation.

Click here to learn more about Infoblox Ecosystem Exchange’s robust set of integrations.

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