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Reporting + Analytics

Leverage data-driven insight to analyze, control and secure your network.

Infoblox Reporting and Analytics elevates the reliability and control of your network to the next level. By combining centralized visibility, together with unparalleled data-driven insight, Infoblox Reporting and Analytics allows you the ability to analyze, control, and secure your network, regardless of size or complexity.

Infoblox Reporting and Analytics Can Enable Your Team to:

  • Apply actionable insights and analysis from your network data to enhance security and availability.
  • Implement one of a kind, out-of-the-box analytics that recognize and remediate genuine threats faster.
  • Effortlessly monitor end-users and their associated devices accessing your applications.
  • Streamline compliance and audits with automated access to core network data.

Ensure availability with real-time monitoring.

Infoblox Reporting and Analytics enables your team to ensure availability via the monitoring of applications, in near-real-time. Its predictive analytic capabilities empower your team to discover application issues early and to expedite corrective action. Enhance your network further by automatically extracting data-insights from your network applications, assets and devices. Finally, historical reporting enables your team to analyze device access patterns, application usage, capacity trends, and the evolution of threats to monitor network capacity proactively, augment application design and enhance security.

Always know which threats to target first and how to find them.

Once identified, remediate threats quickly and easily via robust threat intelligence in context with your network, applications and devices. Systematically analyze and prevent threats by rapidly drilling down into threat data, uncovering suspicious client behaviours before they can cause hard. Further, garner more insights via the tracking of details associated with DNS-based attacks on your network, including the specific methods that Infoblox has implemented to thwart them.

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Leverage Infoblox Reporting and Analytics deep reporting capabilities to ensure compliance and simplify audits.

  • Successfully execute regulatory or corporate compliance validation checks in less time with less effort, even across the most diverse and complex infrastructures.
  • Satisfy requirements for long-term data retention with automated archiving.
  • Administer audits swiftly and accurately with pre-defined reports for network audits, IP addresses, detected threats, device mappings, switch port use, and many others.
  • Improve audit capabilities with access to granular DNS and DHCP user activity.
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