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Network Insight

Gain a holistic and unified view of all devices, IP addresses and switch ports on your network.

You can’t easily manage and optimize what you can’t see. By consolidating all of your core network infrastructure and service data into a single, comprehensive, authoritative database, your team can feel at ease that no devices are missed. Your team will benefit from enhanced efficiencies via extensive automation, centralized visibility, and integrated management capabilities that are required to effectively meet the evolving needs of your business.

  • Are you easily able to discover all layer-2 and layer-3 devices, end-hosts, connectivity, switch-port and VLAN data, and gain full visibility into VRF and NATed space?
  • Do you currently have a mechanism in place to detect rogue and compromised assets and remediate conflicts across devices and network ports in an easy and timely manner?
  • Would you benefit from automated and streamlined workflows to enable the easy allocation of IP addresses and ports from a single UI as well as the ability to directly control port administration status?
  • Would you find value in optimizing your IT resources via built-in controls to re-deploy valuable resources for higher-value work?
  • Are you looking to reduce your service integration risk? Would you find value in having the capability to easily validate network designs and, in turn, quickly identify misconfigured networks, switches and misplaced servers?
  • In the event of a merger and/or acquisition would you have the detailed network information needed to effectively plan for a complex network integration exercise?
  • When security, server, and network teams share current authoritative data, are they able to make quick, reliable decisions, delegate tasks and eliminate departmental dependencies?

Intelligently Manage Devices Across Your Business

  • Robust integration capabilities enable the easy discovery and centralized monitoring of all IP assets in your organization, including devices, IP addresses and switch ports.
  • Enhance efficiencies with the ability to share endpoint data seamlessly with the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE).
  • View all devices, in context, with correlation between device usernames and the corresponding IP and Mac addresses in the IPAM database.
  • Avoid IP address and switch point exhaustion with intelligent and predictive insight into capacity parameters.

Identify Rogue Devices Faster to Strenghten Your Security Posture

  • Easily and quickly identify and remedy rogue and compromised devices on your network with rich contextual data including associated switch ports, IP and MAC addresses, location, and user information.
  • Leverage automated switch port control to isolate devices.
  • Speed response times with integrated access to Cisco ISE’s Rapid Threat Containment, triggered when a compromise is detected.
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Infoblox Network Insight

Increase the Agility of Your Network

Network Insight enables your team to develop an agile network infrastructure that can quickly respond to your changing business needs, with centrally managed IP addresses, switch port creations, deletions, and modifications. Further, dynamically assign IP addresses and switch ports to available addresses, allowing your team to provision new devices more efficiently.

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Infoblox Network Insight

Ensure your network is secure and up-to-date with automated security and lifecycle advisory notifications. Continuous and rich multi-vendor discovery allows your team to easily assess and remediate network devices potentially at risk from security vulnerabilities and those that are end-of-life.

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