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IPAM for Microsoft

Enhance your Microsoft investment with Infoblox IPAM.

Infoblox IPAM integrates flawlessly with Microsoft AD Sites and Services, bridging the gap for AD and network administrators alike. The entire Microsoft environment is presented in a centrally managed GUI for unprecedented visibility, operational efficiency and service uptime.

Infoblox IPAM for Microsoft Can Help Your Team to:

  • Support agentless and seamless IPAM implementation with zero change to Microsoft AD.
  • Obtain comprehensive visibility across all Microsoft domains and forests, enabling easy and centralized management.
  • Leverage extensive auditing, reporting and granular access control capabilities.
  • Manage all of your Microsoft DNS/DHCP services and IP addresses from one single location.
  • Quickly identify the owners or users of compromised devices and swiftly initiate mitigation with Infoblox Identity Mapping capabilities.

Move faster with agentless IPAM integration.

Infoblox affords a seamless and agentless IPAM implementation that requires no change to Microsoft Active Directory and/or current applications. It integrates flawlessly, using the exact native program calls used by Microsoft. Initiating communication between the two systems is fast and simple with a robust configuration wizard to guide your administration team.

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Infoblox IPAM Integration with Microsoft AD Sites

Easily manage your Windows servers across multiple domains.

Infoblox IPAM for Microsoft enables your team to benefit from extensive visibility across all Microsoft domains and forests. It supports centralized and easy management via a unified UI across Microsoft and non-Microsoft devices. For example, protect your network during Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) from network outages due to overlapping IP addresses.

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Easily meet your compliance and audit requirements.

Infoblox IPAM offers extensive reporting, auditing, and security capabilities. Enable your IT team to automatically log all IP-related operations for compliance and reporting and to benefit from granular control capabilities to set security levels not available on a Microsoft server.

image of infoblox grid master concept

Effortlessly Identify End-Users.

Infoblox Identity Mapping affords your enterprise network and security administrators with unmatched insight by connecting usernames, IP addresses and MAC addresses with end-user identities. This rich data is then mapped into a single Infoblox authoritative IPAM database. Administrators can then view:

  • Users per network
  • Users per range/scope
  • Users associated with DNS records
  • Users triggering DNS security events (with the Infoblox Reporting Server)
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Infoblox Identity Mapping

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