DNS Traffic Control
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DNS Traffic Control

Use cost-effective global server load balancing to leverage your DNS platform.

To ensure your team’s experience is consistent and fast, Infoblox DNS Traffic Control provides an easy, cost-effective way to distribute application requests to the closest server in your organization.

With Infoblox DNS Traffic Control, your IT team can:

  • Enable disaster recovery and business continuity across your data centers, while minimizing data loss.
  • Accelerate web performance and application response time by automatically distributing traffic to optimal servers and data centers.
  • Minimize costs by consolidating DNS and GSLB capabilities onto one platform.

Accelerate Application Response Time. As you distribute application resources around your company’s sites, users and customers must be directed to the “best choice” for their location. User traffic can be steered to the correct application pools based on up to three layers of criteria with Infoblox DTC.

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Numerous organizations provide similar services using dedicated load-balancing hardware. It is both expensive and requires dedicated resources to manage. Infoblox DTC, however, offers parallel functionality at a fraction of the cost. This allows you to redeploy hardware load balancers to applications where they bring the most benefits.

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