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Elevate your DDI to the next level with unmatched security, reliability and automation, managed on-premises and in the cloud.

DDI is a combination of three critical network services that are used every day in large enterprise networks: DNS, or the Domain Name System, DHCP, the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol and IP Address Management. Infoblox DDI is the industry-leading, integrated and centrally managed approach to delivering enterprise-grade, high availability DNS, DHCP, and IPAM services throughout your distributed network. Infoblox DDI supports more cloud ecosystem integrations than any other DDI solution available.

Using Infoblox DDI, your IT team can:

  • Support your current and evolving needs, while achieving the highest standards for security, service uptime, and operational efficiencies.
  • Consolidate DNS, DHCP, IP address management, and other core network services, into a single platform, managed from a common console.
  • Centrally orchestrate DDI functions across your diverse infrastructure with integrated capabilities for hybrid and public cloud and virtual and private cloud environments.
  • Access rich, integrated capabilities for Reporting & Analytics that power capacity planning, asset management, compliance control, and auditing.
  • Boost IT efficiency and automation by seamlessly integrating with other IT systems through RESTful APIs, in conjunction with the Infoblox Grid™.

Centrally manage and automate all aspects of DNS using a purpose-built platform to achieve the high availability, efficiency, security, and application response times you need to thrive in a digitally connected world.

Effectively provision and manage vast numbers of IP addresses, all while overseeing DHCP activities, more efficiently. With the integrated Infoblox platform, you can handle your most challenging IPAM and DHCP requirements with ease.

Streamline your capacity planning, asset management, compliance control and auditing processes with rich, highly integrated Reporting and Analytics.

Infoblox NIOS™ software is at the heart of all Infoblox physical and virtual appliances.

NIOS is the security-hardened, real-time foundation for nonstop core network services, that automates the error-prone and time-consuming manual tasks of deploying and managing DNS, DHCP, and IP address management (IPAM).


Infoblox Grid™ is a unique and patented high-availability technology that provides a distributed relationship between peer and paired appliances to provide resilient network services, failover, recovery, and seamless maintenance, and remove single points of failure and other operational risks.

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