BloxOne™ Cloud-Managed DDI
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BloxOne™ Cloud-Managed DDI

Realize the full potential of SD WAN and centrally manage your DDI from the cloud.

BloxOne™ DDI is the industry’s first DDI solution that centrally manages DDI from the cloud, across thousands of remote sites, with unprecedented cost-efficiency. It simplifies networking for branch locations by moving DDI control and management to the cloud and requiring only a lightweight physical or virtual appliance on-premise.

Infoblox BloxOne™ Cloud-Managed DDI guarantees you a fast, reliable computing experience, regardless of location and eliminates the management complexity and bottlenecks of traditional branch office DDI.

  • Radically advance the performance of cloud-based SaaS applications such as Office 365.
  • Ensure branch locations remain up and running at all times, even if your WAN connection to headquarters fails.
  • Leverage automated DDI provisioning and management of remote sites in the cloud.

Reduce Downtime with Local Survivability

As a result of our on-premises BloxOne™ DDI appliances and virtual instances providing local DNS resolution and DHCP service, business operations can continue with little to no downtime in the event that WAN services are disrupted.

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BloxOne™ DDI Solution Note

Infoblox’s cloud-managed solution drastically simplifies networking at remote locations by moving DDI control to the cloud while requiring only a lightweight physical or virtual DDI appliance on-premises. Automates the provisioning of DNS, DHCP and IP addresses to remote locations, at any scale and easily and quickly apply policy across all sites.

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BloxOne™ DDI Solution Note

BloxOne™ DDI supports the ability to flexibly deploy using both physical and virtual form factors. In addition, consumption-based subscription pricing supports a customized solution that is right-sized for your unique needs. Keep your costs predictable and never over provision again!

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Case Study – Leading Automotive Engineering Consulting Firm

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