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Private Cloud + Virtualization

Infoblox DDI for Private Cloud helps you accelerate deployments in your private cloud, and enables you to keep your environment well-groomed.

Infoblox DDI for Private Cloud and Virtualization enables your team to centrally, simply and efficiently control DNS, DHCP and IPAM across complex virtual and cloud-based environments. Maximize the benefits of your cloud and virtualization strategies, enabling complex multi-platform workloads in a private cloud with confidence.

Simplify management of your private cloud. With Infoblox DDI, your IT team can:

  • Decrease deployment time by automating the provisioning of IP Addresses and DNS names for virtual assets.
  • Keep an account of address and name usage in a single and up-to-date system of record.
  • Harmonize with private cloud automation workflow.
  • Support a broad range of platforms, including VMware, Hyper-V, OpenStack and Docker.

Ensure consistency across multiple on-prem clouds.

With Infoblox, you can simplify what it takes to implement consistent processes throughout your on-premises, virtualized and cloud infrastructures. Apply advanced automation and centralization to ensure uniform implementation of network policies for DNS and IP address provisioning. Empower individual departments by distributing authorization for provisioning while maintaining comprehensive oversight. Drive consistency essential to network security, efficiency and reliability.

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Automatically discover and track virtual machines (VMs) across platforms through a single pane of glass. Monitor workloads and their relationship to your network, while reducing the time it takes to troubleshoot issues. Streamline compliance and audit processes with insight into virtual instances, augmented with current and historical views. Automatically document VMs and their use of DNS records and IP addresses to keep everything running efficiently and up to date.

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