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NetMRI HealthCheck

If you currently have limited performance or no system administration on your NetMRI solution, have not completed system updates for a while and / or are having technical issues with NetMRI you may require expert support and processes to realize the full benefits of your NetMRI capabilities.

  • Are you concerned that your current NetMRI instance is not providing the ROI you were expecting and need to quickly improve on the NetMRI ROI performance?
  • Are you concerned that you may not be familiar with NetMRI capabilities and implementation procedures, to efficiently and effectively operate and maintain your NetMRI instance?
  • Are you and your team having issues with your NetMRI instance?
  • Do you require regular third-party audit/assessment of your NetMRI instance to ensure the system is performing optimally and that there are no issues?
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Leverage a 3rd party independent consultant with deep domain knowledge of NetMRI, real world multi-environment experience, and a strong defined health check process.

EmpoweredAssessment™ – Empowered Networks’ NetMRI HealthCheck Service provides a high-value inspection and assessment of your existing NetMRI implementation. We document your healthcheck findings and make specific recommendations based the assessment results and best practices.

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EmpoweredAssessment™ – Empowered Networks’ NetMRI HealthCheck Service is an independent and impartial analysis that verifies the configuration, operation and maintenance of your NetMRI solution. It helps you understand and resolve managed device discovery issues, NetMRI software upgrade path issues, polling optimization, backup and recovery challenges.

Items included in the health check are:

  • Review system logs, database status, backups and system performance
  • Detect and diagnose issues with system operations, data collection, scheduled jobs and reporting
  • Examine and note issues in NetMRI configuration and settings
  • Verify NetMRI can communicate properly with managed devices
  • Confirm that defined reports are being produced, review enabled compliance policies and rules for accuracy and effectiveness
  • Review NetMRI licensing and capacity constraints
  • Document health check findings and make recommendations based on best practices
  • Prioritized recommendations for action/remediation
  • Knowledge transfer on general NetMRI operational functions including: Compliance policies and rules, Issue analysis, Reporting, Configuration management, and Change automation
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  • Deep understanding of the current state and condition of the NetMRI solution within your business
  • A clear path forward, the roadmap for moving NetMRI to a more optimized state
  • Improved team readiness and knowledge of how to improve the use of NetMRI capabilities and functionality required to support your business goals
  • Improved return on your NetMRI investment
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