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NetMRI Advanced Compliance

Empowered Networks’ NetMRI Advanced Compliance Solution is specially designed for customers experiencing complex compliance issues that cannot be addressed with the simple, GUI driven logical rules available in NetMRI. This complexity often necessitates the use of the XML methodology for creating complex compliance rules outside of the experience and expertise of your team. Compelling events such as an upcoming audit or a finding from an already completed audit increases the need to quickly and easily comply and report on pressing business requirements.

  • Are you having difficulty understanding the level of complexity and risk associated with your business compliance requirements?
  • Are you concerned that you may not have the expertise within your business to construct appropriate compliance rules within NetMRI?
  • Are you often under time constraints by external compliance requirements such as audit findings or compliance regulation deadlines?
  • Do you have limited visibility into the state of compliance within your business, leading to security concerns and increased business risk?
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Leverage a 3rd party expert consultant with deep domain knowledge of NetMRI to help in the analysis and creation of rules and policies that effectively address your compliance requirements.

EmpoweredCompliance™ – Empowered’s NetMRI Advanced Compliance Service provides a high-value assessment of your existing compliance issues and the creation of specific NetMRI rules and policies required to mitigate compliance issues.

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EmpoweredCompliance™ – Empowered’s NetMRI Advanced Compliance Service provides you with an experienced Empowered delivery engineer to understand your specific compliance requirements and desired outcomes. Using a well-defined methodology and the knowledge gained during our project discovery phase, we then create a custom set of NetMRI compliance policies and associated rules designed to resolve your issues.

NetMRI Advanced Compliance Service includes:

  • Evaluation of compliance requirements
  • Development of NetMRI rules and policies
  • Testing of compliance rules and policies
  • Creation of associated reports
  • Knowledge transfer pertaining to the compliance policies and rules created
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  • The complexities associated with automating your compliance requirement processes are now understood and manageable
  • Clear visibility into your state of compliance
  • Proactive stance with respect to compliance issues and concerns
  • Reduced risk with the implementation of compliance rules and policies
  • Ability to respond to compliance audits and the associated reporting requirements in an efficient manner
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