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MergeAssist Network Assessment

Empowered Networks’ MergeAssist Network Assessment is designed to help you if you’re embarking on a merger or acquisition. As part of this process, you may need to fully map the disparate network or networks. It is necessary for you to access accurate inventory information and compile the data in a serviceable format to support your team in effective network integration planning and execution. Similarly, for a divestiture, it is critical that you can produce an accurate inventory map that identifies all network devices to be removed from your network.

  • Are you concerned that it will be difficult to identify the potential conflicts between networks to be merged?
  • Do you have a reliable way to gather and examine the infrastructure assets of the networks involved?
  • Are you confident that your business units have a clear understanding the of network inventory(s) associated with new or divested network(s)?
  • Is finding the potential network conflicts in your merging networks essential to the planning and implementation activities associated with your company merger / acquisition?
  • Is the identification of devices flagged to be removed from the network associated with a divesture critical to ensuring business continuity?
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Leverage a 3rd party independent consultant with deep network domain knowledge, real world multi-environment experience, and a robustly defined MergeAssist processes.

EmpoweredAssessment™ – Empowered Networks’ MergeAssist Network Assessment Service delivers a low-cost, high-value inspection and assessment of the network being acquired or divested and, if required, your existing network infrastructure to accurately inventory all current network devices.

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EmpoweredAssessment™ – Empowered Networks’ MergeAssist Network Assessment Service provides you with a collaborative consulting engagement built around the comprehensive discovery of your network(s). The engagement is focused on identifying the structure and contents of your related networks. It will allow you to validate, plan and implement the merger or divestiture of your network assets more efficiently and accurately.

The MergeAssist Assessment will provide the following:

  • An initial configuration and setup of a Virtual NetMRI environment for the targeted data center(s)
  • Export of the inventory data to MySQL and analyze the Inventory reports from the discovery with customers staff to determine and identify any issues with regards to merging or with divesting network devices
  • Overlay the results with the customers current Network discovery inventory
  • Review inventory data with customers staff
  • Produce final Inventory reports
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  • A clear understanding of network inventory associated with the associated merging or divesting network(s)​
  • Reduced risk by proactivity applying the identification of potential conflicts between the networks being merged
  • Quicker time to value
  • Reduced complexity in implementing the merger, divesture and or acquisition
  • Accurate network data that can be used for future network planning initiatives
  • Reduced risk associated with your merger or divesture
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