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DDI Assessment

DNS, DHCP, and IP address management (DDI) are core services in your environment that may remain largely unchanged over time. As a result, the organizational expertise required to support these services can often stagnate while the reality of the services is that they often undergo significant organic evolution in the real-world operational environment.

When factors requiring changes to these core services occur, such as platform refresh, security concerns, and integration requirements combined with emergent technology changes such as cloud, mobile workforce, and IoT, it can be difficult for organizations to understand the business impact.

  • Do you need help to support of emergent requirements such as cloud, mobile workforce, and IoT?
  • Are you under business pressure to expand/modernize/de-risk the delivery of core network DDI services?
  • Do you need help to understand the current structure of DDI in the your environment in order to plan and execute a DDI migration or DDI refresh?
  • Are you concerned that you have limited or non-existent expertise in DDI service architecture?
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Engage a 3rd party with extensive expertise to assess the current and desired states of your DDI network.

EmpoweredAssessment™ – Empowered Networks’ DDI Assessment provides recommendations and roadmap objectives designed to help you plan, implement and achieve your DDI desired state.

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EmpoweredAssessment™ – Empowered Networks’ DDI Assessment Service utilizes experienced DDI engineers to evaluate your current DDI “As Is” and desired “To Be” states. We develop the recommendations, priorities and roadmap needed to plan and implement the modernization of your DDI core services platform.

Working closely with you through a series of planned activities, we collect your existing technical artifacts and orchestrate a series of targeted interviews with your key DDI personnel, including DDI platform owners, architects, operators, consumers, and leadership team.

A management report is produced, based on the assessment results that summarizes the current state of your DDI environment, as well as a set of prioritized recommendations and roadmap objectives.  

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  • A clear understanding of the current state of your DDI environment; its strengths, deficiencies, and gaps with regards to desired future state
  • A set of clear, prioritized, and actionable recommendations focused on addressing DDI deficiencies, evolving capabilities, and the implementation of best practices in the most cost-effective way possible
  • A roadmap for the implementation of the recommendations provided that considers your specific requirements and unique organizational characteristics, designed to modernize your DDI core services platform
  • A set of planning resources that will allow your business to move your DDI agenda forward
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