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Requirements Definition + Scoping

Businesses strategies are often focused on reducing manual tasks and replacing them with efficient and effective automation processes and procedures.

To enable this in complex networking environments, you and your users require efficient cross-team collaboration. You require workflow and automation processes to be efficient and to have confidence in knowing that assigned tasks are managed by the resources best suited to reduce delivery time and cost and to improve the quality and auditing of the associated tasks.

Challenges include:

  • Tasks that are being completed by teams that are one or more steps removed from the ownership of the actual deliverable 
  • Constrained workflows
  • Long execution times with frustrated users
  • Is the cost of supporting existing manual work tasks within NetMRI negatively impacting the delivery of services and profit margins?
  • Are you looking to replace manual processes within your NetMRI instance with more automated, efficient and effective processes, enabling more enhanced security and proactive management?
  • Could you benefit from leveraging experienced experts to help define the requirements and project plan necessary to achieve your process automation planning and implementation goals?
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Leverage a 3rd party expert consultant with deep domain knowledge of NetMRI.

EmpoweredAutomate™ – Empowered Networks’ Requirements Definition and Project Scoping for Automation offering provides a full consultative engagement with an iterative approach to implement your Workflow Optimization solution.

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EmpoweredAutomate™ – The Empowered Networks Requirements Definition and Project Scoping for Automation Services team will work in conjunction with you to produce a solution description, functional design and statement of work to support the implementation of your automation solution. This will allow you to determine if the development of the NetMRI-based workflow automation solution has the business value, efficiencies and return on investment you require.

Empowered Networks requires the completion of a full solution description and functional design prior to engaging in the development of any of our automation or integration solutions. This requirement is in place to ensure that we understand your needs, as well as have a clear understanding of your business goals and that you have a full and complete understanding of what we will deliver.

The service provides the following:

  • Complete Solution Description with business outcomes,
  • Complete understanding of the solution and how it solves their business goals
  • Full functional specification with prototype of web pages
  • Complete SOW defining deliverables, timelines, and costs.
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  • Enables informed strategic automation decision making and business priority analysis
  • Full understanding of the automation solution’s business value, providing specific input into any required business case, resource and project planning activities
  • Understanding of the future impact on resources, with identified efficiencies, costs and insight into potential return on the investment.
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