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NetMRI Switch Port Management Optimizer

Empowered Networks’ NetMRI Switch Port Management Optimizer Solution is specially designed to support NetMRI customers with complex networking environments who need to improve collaboration and efficiencies across their teams. Their processes and the workflows used for switch port management are not efficiently automated and / or assigned to the right personnel. In order to reduce time and cost, you must effectively utilize appropriate skills to eliminate bottlenecks and improve the quality and auditing of your work.

Some common challenges:

  • Responsibility for ten or more switch port changes, per day, where workflow constraints, longer execution times and frustrated users are present
  • A lack of time and expertise where many high-volume network operational tasks could be improved through effective workflow optimization
  • In instances where volumes increase, user access and inefficiencies become compromised and increase business risk
  • Are you doing more than 10 switch port changes per day using a manual a process that is limiting productivity with constrained workflows, long execution times, resulting in frustrated users?
  • Are you limited in your ability to delegate operational tasks to the appropriate role, resulting in human errors, rework and delays?
  • Are your network switch port changes being administered by engineers or teams that may not be the most appropriate group to process the change?
  • Are your existing manual switch port management tasks being completed by teams one or more steps removed from the ownership of the actual deliverable?
  • Are your switch port changes are being executed by teams other than the teams requesting the change?
  • Do you have an easy way to audit your switch port changes and their approvals?
  • Is your role-based access to NetMRI limiting your ability perform switch port changes effectively and efficiently?
  • Are you concerned about the risks associated with exposing a user’s access to the full network?
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Leverage a 3rd party expert consultant with deep domain knowledge of NetMRI to implement workflows and efficiencies

EmpoweredAutomate™ – Empowered Networks’ NetMRI Switch Port Management Optimizer offers you a business focused approach that provides an improved, less complicated web application front-end for NetMRI users.

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NetMRI Switch Port Management Optimizer is a management system front-end automation platform. It provides a simplified user interface for switch port management that abstracts inherent technical complexities and improves productivity.

Our NetMRI Switch Port Management Optimizer is a standard solution offering based on best practices and standard workflow from several of our customer engagements.

The solution also provides a full role-based access for controlling users’ access to NetMRI directly and limits the functions available to the users based on their specific job requirements.

Capabilities include:

  • User Setting controls
  • User Interface workflow
  • Functional Organizational workflow
  • Notification Triggers
  • Device Selection workflow
  • Port Change workflow
  • NetMRI Job and Approval History (365 days) and audit requirements

An end-to-end solution that addresses the work, tasks, management, auditing, quality control and access control for switch port changes, using a less complicated, more effective and efficient way to perform these changes across your enterprise.

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A higher return on investment is achieved through:

  • Enhanced switch port management efficiency
  • Reduced human errors, rework and delays
  • Improved service delivery times and productivity
  • Removal of engineering bottlenecks
  • Improved user interface and experience (UI/UX)
  • Improved individual team member productivity
  • Ability to identify and remove business process bottlenecks
  • A less complicated, more effective and efficient way to perform complex high-volume workflows for the enterprise
  • Simplified delegation of operational tasks
  • Improved management with access to a 365-day audit log of all changes and approvals
  • Enables delegation of switch port changes to the teams requesting the changes
  • Minimized risk through system role-based access
  • Minimized risk through the controlled exposure of the full network
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