NetMRI Incident Integration
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NetMRI Incident Integration

Infoblox NetMRI provides a myriad of capabilities that include continuous network discovery, device configuration validation, security compliance, and job automation. Each of these can create configurable notifications to communicate their status, outcomes, or issues. While the creation of these notifications is good, they only provide true business value once they are acted upon. Being able to efficiently route these notifications to the IT incident management system ensures that they can be acted upon in a consistent manner that leverages your existing incident management processes.

  • Do you have a requirement to link your enterprise incident management system notifications with the CMDB objects that they pertain quickly or easily?
  • Do you need to improve your customer satisfaction and SLA response times related to incident tickets created by your IT incident management systems?
  • Do you need to leverage your existing incident management processes so they can be acted upon in a consistent and efficient manner?
  • Do you have information disconnects between the systems that generate enterprise incident management notifications and the systems that your operational personnel utilize for workflow management?
  • Are there communication challenges between the team managing your network and the team responding to the operational issues being reported?
  • Do you currently have inefficient and complex workflows existing in your incident management notification process that are not efficiently routed to your IT incident management system and team?
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Leverage a 3rd party expert consultant to implement the direct integration between NetMRI and your incident management platform.

EmpoweredIntegrate™ – Empowered Networks’ NetMRI Incident Integration Solution provides an API based insertion of NetMRI generated notifications into your enterprise incident management system.

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EmpoweredIntegrate™ – Empowered Networks’ NetMRI Incident Integration solution is a packaged service that allows you to seamlessly integrate notifications created in NetMRI with your incident management platform.

The NetMRI Incident Adapter allows organizations to:

  • Utilize direct API based injection of NetMRI generated notifications into the enterprise ITSM environment rather than less desirable generic SNMP or email workarounds
  • Automatically link notifications from NetMRI with their associated CMDB CI’s
  • Create custom or preconfigured NetMRI issues as incidents directly in the incident management system
  • Leverages the existing incident ITSM managed workflows and ecosystem
  • Synchronize the relevant issues for the business using a configurable list within NetMRI
  • Update/change the relevant issues at any time with minimal configuration-based effort
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  • Improved communication between groups responsible for managing the network and responding to operational issues
  • Improved customer satisfaction due to reduced incident response time
  • Elimination of swivel chair operations via workflow automation
  • Improved consistency for incident management workflows
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