NetMRI CMDB Integration
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NetMRI CMDB Integration

As you manage your network, the challenge of ensuring that your CMDB is accurately reflecting your production network is a constant concern. You may need the ability to leverage existing sources of data, such as NetMRI, to populate and validate your CMDB content and the associated workflows attached to them.

The following are examples of data that are often used within standard workflows and ecosystems:

  • Basic device identification information
  • Interface and VLAN connectivity details
  • Details on firmware versions
  • Are you concerned that your CMDB network configuration might not accurately represent the real-world network within your business?
  • Do you require high levels of manual effort associated with reconciliation between your network CMDB configuration items and the real-world network devices they represent?
  • Are you experiencing negative impacts on network related workflows associated with the CMDB as a result of inconsistent or inaccurate CMDB records?
  • Do you have limited confidence that the data populated in your CMDB as accurate and up to date?
  • Do you see an increased amount of rework and errors due to inaccurate data within the CMDB?
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Leverage a 3rd party expert consultant with deep domain knowledge of NetMRI to implement the EmpoweredIntegrate™ NetMRI CMDB Integration.

This pre-designed solution automates the synchronization from NetMRI, as the source of truth for the network, to the CMDB as the source of record while supporting customer specific data fields and business rules.

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EmpoweredIntegrate™ – Empowered Networks’ NetMRI CMDB Integration Service uses the Empowered Networks NetMRI Sync Adapter to ensure that your CMDB is accurately reflecting your production network within the CMDB, based on data collected by NetMRI.

This solution provides:

  • An automated mechanism for synchronizing NetMRI derived network device data and the CMDB
  • Device data that can be synced either entirely or by a specific device group to precisely limit and manage what will be sent to the CMDB
  • Supports all standard infrastructure device types currently available within NetMRI.
  • Configuration capability to limit only fully qualified devices to sync to CMDB ensuring only accurate and correct data is sent based on the assurance level

Implementation can be a greenfield integration or can work with identification rules to coalesce with the existing CMDB data to update and enrich existing implementations

Basic CMDB implementations, as well as custom field and data support, are available


  • Basic device identification information
  • Interface and VLAN connectivity details
  • Details on firmware version
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  • Improved productivity and return on investment
  • Reduced effort associated with reconciliation of CMDB network configuration items with as discovered information from the live network
  • Greater ability to leverage the CMDB to drive network related workflow with confidence
  • Allows NetMRI to be utilized as an integrated source of network truth in support of the CMDB as system of record
  • Production network matches your CMDB instance.
  • Leverages the existing data-rich device information currently available within NetMRI, directly within their CMDB instance
  • Enables the ability to leverage existing CMDB ITSM managed workflows and ecosystems
  • Regular updates can be run to ensure CMDB data is always up to date, and changes made to devices are captured and updated automatically
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