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Integration Consulting

Engage Empowered Networks to help you plan and implement the integrations your business requires.

Our team can help you to establish:

  • An easy way to manage your IT service integrations, enabling the development, execution, and governance of your integration flows and connecting any combination of on-premises and cloud-based processes, services and applications.
  • A better understanding of the processes by which multiple individual systems, subsystems or sub-components are combined and used to create and communicate business data.
  • A way to move away from one-off, brittle, unsupportable custom integration scripts that continually become out of date and decline in business value.
  • Are you concerned about your integration strategy and wondering how you can more effectively populate, synchronize and audit your data?
  • Are you realizing that API’s may provide some access to the data you need but do not actually solve your business problems?
  • Do you have the ”integration expertise” and time you need plan and execute on your integration initiatives?
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Engage a 3rd party systems integrator with the extensive expertise required to assess the current and desired states of your network integration requirements and capable of producing the architecture recommendations and roadmaps required for you to plan and implement your integration strategy.

Using a business focused approach our experts will thoroughly document and evaluate your business and technical integration requirements in order to translate your integration requirements into a solution utilizing Empowered Bridge technology as an iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service).

When you are clear about why and where your business requires harmony in operations, your systems integration programs will go smoothly.

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Empowered Networks’ Integration Consulting service provides an assessment of your current network integration capabilities and your desired end state to produce the architecture, recommendations and roadmaps required for you to plan and implement your integration strategy.

Our experts will help you and your organization accomplish your system integration goals by identifying and eliminating performance bottlenecks, gaps, add more through in-depth audits, meeting with the you to assess your business needs and defining the technical requirements for the systems or collection of systems that meet those needs.

We will work with you to determine the correct systems, subsystems, locations and the nature of their relationships. We will help you to understand exactly what integration processes are involved and how they interact with your stakeholders to solve your most pressing business problems and reach or exceed your business objectives.

We will create a list of the features you have to have and those you would like to have and ensure the systems integration solution you desire will support multiple departments, all concerned staff and leadership be involved in the process of determining what is needed.

Based on our Integration Consulting Service assessment we will:

  • Provide an execution plan designed to achieve your defined desired end state
  • Design the most appropriate modules and configuration to ensure smooth system integration
  • Recommend a solution that supports 5 areas of business value.
  • Offload = Data connector
  • Notify = Ecosystems
  • Populate – Data Migration, initial population, bulk operations = EmpoweredBridge™
  • Synchronize – Data consistency across platforms, full lifecycle = EmpoweredBridge™
  • Audit – monitor data quality across systems, assessments, compliance and reporting = EmpoweredBridge™
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Abstracted complexities of the technology integration to improve specific workflows defined during the consulting service

Improved planning and execution of integration strategy

Plan to improve the Value of your data by increasing its access, quality and timeliness.

  • Implementation of integration workflows and efficiencies, abstracting the technical complexities and improving your productivity and workflows
  • Avoidance of investing in a system that has all the frills but none of the core capabilities you need
  • Enhanced accessibility, quality and timeliness of your data, increasing it’s value to the business
  • Enhanced business efficiencies, streamlined processes and decision making capabilities
  • Improved planning and execution of your integration strategy
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