IPAM Base Bundle
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IPAM Base Bundle

The efficient and agile deployment and integration of your new Infoblox IPAM environment is critical to supporting your business objectives. Basic DDI training helps but does not offer the practical experience required to implement the solution for the first time, without potential risk and time lost.

  • Have you been tasked with introducing integration and automation as a means to improve operations?
  • Is there an immediate expectation to realize and demonstrate ROI as quickly as possible with your IPAM integration?
  • Are you concerned that your internal resources may not have adequate time or knowledge to successfully manage the implementation of your IPAM integration?
  • Are your DDI trained resources knowledgeable enough to address real world problems that fall outside of what is normally covered in basic IPAM training, enabling them to effectively install IPAM?
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Utilize an experienced 3rd party to optimize the one-time implementation tasks.

EmpoweredDeploy™ – IPAM Base Bundle is our solution for turn-key implementation for the basic implementation of IPAM.

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The EmpoweredDeploy™ IPAM Base Bundle Implementation Service is our solution for the turn-key project management and the implementation of your IPAM solution which includes:

  • Initial Configuration
  • Appliance Upgrade
  • Grouping
  • Integration with authentication services
  • Knowledge transfer
  • HA configuration if required
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  • Effective implementation and operational integration of the IPAM capabilities ensures Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Reduced risk associated with implementation issues
  • Ensures best practices followed
  • Positioned well to continue to improve operational automation
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