DDI Migration
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DDI Migration

When faced with network landscapes that are rapidly evolving, it is critical that your core network DDI (DNS, DHCP, IPAM) services maintain the highest standards of security, service uptime and operational efficiencies. Often, DDI environments aren’t capable nor designed to handle these modern challenges.

  • Do you have concerns that questionable DDI data quality could impact the successful completion of upcoming DDI migration?
  • Does your organization have adequate familiarity with your DDI platform and its associated core services?
  • Can you afford to interrupt current DDI interactions between applications and core services during a DDI migration?
  • Do you need to ensure that your DDI migration process causes the minimal amount of downtime?
  • Does your team have the time to staff and train personnel for a one time DDI migration process?
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Engage an experienced 3rd party professional services organization to plan and execute one time tasks associated with the migration process.

EmpoweredDeploy™ – Empowered Networks’ DDI Migration Service provides the assistance required to migrate your DDI platforms.

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EmpoweredDeploy™ – Empowered Networks’ DDI Migration Service is a professional services engagement that utilizes experienced DDI engineers to evaluate your current DDI instance “As Is” and desired “To Be” states in order to plan and implement your DDI migration.

Working closely with you, our DDI experts use defined planning and migration methodologies.

DDI Migration includes:

  • Development of a procedure tailored to the customer’s environment
  • Validation of existing and “to-be” configurations for software and hardware
  • Validation of DNS data and migration plan
  • Assurance of compatibility with network settings
  • Prequalification of data migration in the Empowered Networks lab
  • Software load and configuration of target appliances
  • Execution of data migration
  • Validation of service functionality following migration
  • Knowledge transfer
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  • A DDI environment that meets highest standards of security, service uptime and operational efficiencies
  • Improved return on investment associated with optimized product implementation
  • Increased customer satifaction due to miminal downtime during the migration process
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