Security Assessments & Related Services

Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing

Our Vulnerability Assessments (VAs) can be scaled to meet your budget and risk requirements.

  • Vulnerability Scans are the lightest level of review. Scans use automated tools to effectively assess large numbers of systems. Empowered uses a collection of open source and commercial tools that have been carefully selected over years of practice.
  • For networks or applications that are more critical, or in higher threat environments, full vulnerability assessments probe systems with multiple overlapping passes of increasing scrutiny. The analysis may include manual development of tests or the examination of the effects of combinations of vulnerabilities. The objective of a full VA is to provide an extremely thorough list of vulnerabilities, and a set of recommendations on how the vulnerabilities can be remediated.
  • Penetration testing begins with the same detailed analysis conducted during a full VA, but the difference is that with this level of analysis, vulnerabilities are no longer hypothetical. They are tested and exploited. Once a system is breached, additional reconnaissance is conducted from the vantage point of the breached system to allow the tester to pivot further into the network, or to allow privilege escalation on the breached host.


Empowered conducts enterprise-wide security reviews including IT, operational, physical, and personnel security issues.

These involve the review of policies and procedures, completion of security questionnaires, interviews with staff members and management, a review of network and security architectures and security safeguards in place.

Cybersecurity Reviews are sometimes combined with VAs to provide additional technical context.

Threat and Risk Assessments

Threat and Risk Assessments (TRAs) are very versatile security assessment tools. They can be conducted as a decision support tool to understand risks arising from individual applications or products, or can be conducted to assess organization-wide risk.

Depending on a client's requirements, Empowered uses a variety of TRA methodologies, including the Government of Canada's Harmonized TRA methodology.

The Empowered TRA process begins with an assessment of the organization's tangible and intangible assets, their sensitivity to losses of confidentiality, integrity, and availability, and whether they include privacy-related data.

Then the TRA examines the threats, vulnerabilities, existing and planned safeguards, and calculates residual risk. Recommendations are made concerning residual risk and if additional safeguards are required, they are prioritized.

Remediation Services

All of our security assessments provide prioritized recommendations. Empowered can help your organization implement those recommendations.

These could include hardening existing applications or devices or implementing additional security safeguards.

Empowered is committed to ensuring our clients obtain the maximum value from their security investments. We provide complete installation, configuration, and integration services for a wide range of security products.

Security Training

An organization's people are its first line of defence. And sometimes, the highest ROI for security investments is obtained through investing in training people.

Empowered builds customized training packages for users, administrators and management on a wide variety of security topics and on specific technology solutions. We can deliver training onsite, or in our lab environment.

Technical Support

Empowered's Technical Assistance Center (TAC) in Ottawa is first point of contact for all support requests. 7x24 support is available, contact us for details.

Business and Strategic Services

Empowered has built a team of senior resources who are available to engage with your organization as strategic advisors. This advice and guidance includes strategic planning, technology roadmaps, business continuity planning, and security strategy.

Security Assessments & Related Services

Empowered offers a wide range of Security Professional Services, ranging from extremely technical assessments to strategic advice and guidance. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your organization reduce risks, contain costs, and increase awareness of your security posture.

Security Assessment Services


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