Secure DNS

Secure DNS

infobloxThe technology you deploy for network control provides maximum protection and offers minimum attack surface. Infoblox clearly differentiates from other vendors from a security perspective. From the highly secure hardware form factor, to the hardened OS, to the variety of security features in the suite of applications - no other network control vendor focuses more on security than Infoblox.

Infoblox Secure DNS - Video Overview

This video discusses DNS Security, and highlights the need to Secure your DNS, given today's threat landscape.

Empowered understands Secure DNS

Our team's expertise is centered around:

  • Long history in network protocols, performance analysis, optimization
    and monitoring, with a focus on scaling service provider networks
  • Deep understanding of network infrastructures, security perimeter defences
  • Detecting and tracking Network Change - who changed what, where and when
  • Identifying and resolving Network Configuration problems - before they become faults

Empowered has the expert skills and resources to help you:

  • Choose, install, configure, maintain and optimize the right solutions
  • Get your tools and processes in order, and delivering value
  • Augment new or existing systems to meet specific business requirements

Professional Services for Secure DNS solutions icon-final

Empowered combines technology with services to provide complete Secure DNS Solutions, with quality backed up by our E4 Methodology.

Successful deployment requires People, Process, and Tools. Empowered provides the skills and experience to complement Infoblox technology solutions, and support organizations in the development of the process and people that operate, support and maintain those solutions.

  • Assessment Services: Assessing current state of your DNS architecture, and developing a plan to help you improve security, resilience, and scalability
  • Professional Services: Sourcing, installing, configuring, maintaining and optimizing the right mix of hardware and software solutions


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