Network Forensics Solutions from Niksun

Network Forensics Solutions from Niksun

NiksunNIKSUN provides robust tools for the efficient and effective management of dynamic applications and service-delivery network environments. Niksun’s proven application, network, and service intelligence offerings provide comprehensive insight into the dynamic and real-time nature of critical data, video and voice services running across modern technology infrastructures. Niksun is one of the most recognized brands in the network performance management industry, and the market leader in application and network performance management solutions.

NIKSUN Video Overview

This brief video covers the highlights of NIKSUN solutions.

Empowered is a certified Niksun partner, providing service to customers across Canada. We offer a comprehensive suite of services to help our customers assure and optimize network and application performance, with the full range of Niksun Solutions.

Empowered helps you make Security Incidents actionable, so you can identify exactly what happened, when and to which systems and data – with back-in-time retroactive analysis

Empowered can help by:

  • Detect Data Loss and APTs that are already inside your network perimeter
  • Identify scope and assess threat level of security-related incidents
    Know what was compromised, secrets revealed and intellectual property lost
  • Reconstruct what really happened with retrospective security forensics and analysis - Preserve the proof, and get back to business
  • Enable 24x7 monitoring, and raise real-time alerts based on attack signatures, anomalies and policy violations
  • Trace incidents to breaches and root cause – Identify applications, systems and hosts impacted
  • Consolidate compliance, security and performance monitoring with a single solution, to reduce overall costs

Network Forensics Technology

Empowered recommends Niksun’s powerful, scalable and cost-effective security monitoring and performance solution – based on a single-platform appliance architecture. Niksun’s award-winning enterprise solutions are in use by over 1000 governments, intelligence agencies, financial institutions, service providers and large enterprises, to detect both known and unknown security exposures based on network behavior.

  • NIKSUN NetDetector® Suite provides in-depth real time and forensics-based security alarms and diagnostics that go beyond firewalls and IDS/IPS systems to identify, resolve, and help prevent cybersecurity attacks

  • NIKSUN NetOMNI helps maintain complete situational awareness of your entire infrastructure by continually streams performance and security metrics on the network, applications and services to its dashboards

  • NIKSUN Supreme Eagle delivers modular and scalable recording and analysis speeds ranging from 20 Gbps to over 100 Gbps - all on a single hardware platform
  • NIKSUN Virtualization Solution is OpenStack-ready, and delivers unified insight from a single console to give you a holistic view anywhere, at anytime, while maintaining a non-disruptive, secure and scalable infrastructure

  • All products share Niksun’s patented technology that captures, analyzes, and stores every packet that traverses the network -- at line speed. Proactively monitor email traffic, file leakage, and blacklisted URL activity, with rules-based alerts.

  • All products share Niksun’s scalable enterprise monitoring portal, that delivers immediate trouble resolution with extensive and quickly navigable dashboards and alarms, with immediate drill-down packet-level analysis for full session reconstruction

Networks Forensics Professional Services

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Each customer’s needs and environment are unique, and engineering the right solution to enhance security, enable forensics, and meet compliance requirements only sounds easy.
Empowered can help you:

  • Review and assess your network and security infrastructure, key data sources, and the monitoring assets, skills, and processes you have in place
  • Validate security, legal and compliance requirements, and the implications on your network and security monitoring strategy
  • Differentiate must-have requirements from cost-effective nice-to-have options
  • Engineer, deploy and integrate the right security monitoring solutions to address your priority needs and budget, with the processes your team needs to succeed
  • Support you all the way, with ad-hoc and in-depth training, scripting support and the integration help you need to get started, and achieve your goals

Trust Empowered to help you architect, implement and integrate a Network Monitoring solution to match your needs and budget, that will help you succeed.


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