Ensure your Network is Secure & Compliant

NetMRI Advisor provides always-on Analysis, Alerts & Advice based on vendor Security Advisories

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NetMRI Advisor helps ensure your network is secure & compliant. Make sense of Security Advisories and related info, determine which vulnerabilities impact your network, and take timely action to keep your network secure.

Empowered is pleased to announce Release 1.2 of NetMRI Advisor

Here are the key changes:

  • New Vendor Support.  We’ve added support for Arista, Palo Alto, Riverbed (Steelhead), Checkpoint, and Bluecoat.
  • Improved vulnerability matching performance (NetMRI 7.3 only).  Advisor now aggregates individual device version rules into a single NetMRI compliance policy for faster evaluation.
  • Improved email notification. Notification now itemizes new and updated compliance policies by affected vendor.
  • Simplified upgrade procedure. Configuring the upgraded Advisor client is easy with the provided setup command.
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Improve Operational Security, Demonstrate Due Diligence, and Compliance Streamline Audits and Reporting Workload

Validate Compliance Rules Eliminate Compliance Drift

Monitor your network for Devices that fall out of compliance, and trigger remedial action, automatically, with each new Security Advisory

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Cut Compliance Workload Automate Audit Reports

Leverage NetMRI Inventory and Reporting features to show your network is fully compliant with standards used by internal & external auditors.

Continuous Monitoring and Always-On Analysis of Security Advisory Data from Key Sources

Collects Advisory Data

NetMRI Advisor monitors and collects published Security Advisory data from network device vendors and key public sources.

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Always-On Analysis

NetMRI Advisor automatically detects the products and release levels affected by a given Security Advisory, for all severity levels.

NetMRI Advisor makes sense of Advisory Data, within the context of your Network.

Configuration Rules Ready to Deploy

NetMRI Advisor translates Advisories into a curated feed of NetMRI Rules that detect vulnerable devices in your network.

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Reduce the Noise Only Advisories that Matter

Only those Advisories, Rules and Policies that impact the Devices on your Network are streamed securely to your NetMRI appliance.

Get Timely Alerts on Advisories that Matter Those that impact Devices in your Network

No more False Positives Get Filtered, Timely Alerts

NetMRI Advisor informs you about new Advisories that impact devices in your environment, that require further review by your team.

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Target Devices that Matter Focus on Remedial Action

Target Vulnerable Devices within the context of your network. Spend your time on business impact, and remedial action required.

Take Remedial Action with Streamlined Processes Leveraging NetMRI processes and controls

Focus Remedial Action on Priority Problems

Where warranted, software updates, bulk changes or other actions can be planned, verified, and scheduled, via NetMRI

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Leverage full power, integration with NetMRI

NetMRI Advisor leverages NetMRI’s GUI, access controls, scripts, and logging to maintain control over your network.

Detect Devices & Software that are at End-of-Life where new Vulnerabilities can not be remediated

Flag Devices at End-of-Life No Support, No Patches!

NetMRI Advisor informs you about End of Sale, End of Support notices and dates for devices in your environment

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Evergreen your Network Manage Device Refreshes

Plan replacements where unsupported devices will increase risk and impact Compliance

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Empowered can help with Security & Compliance

  • Empowered is Infoblox’ go-to partner for NetMRI Professional Services
  • Our engineering team has extensive real-world operational experience
  • We develop custom scripts, policy and Task-based GUIs for NetMRI
  • 10+ years in NCCM – Network Change & Configuration Management
  • 10+ engineers fully trained and certified for Infoblox NetMRI
  • Long list of reference accounts throughout North America
  • NetMRI Advisor is sold direct, via Infoblox or your channel partner

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