Is DNS a Vector for Attackers? Make DNS your first line of defence

Secure your Network from the Core with Infoblox and Empowered

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With Infoblox Security Solutions from Empowered, you can safeguard your network with automated malware protection,  detect and prevent DNS-based data exfiltration, and maintain DNS integrity and service availability.

Eliminate DNS service disruption from the broadest array of DNS-based attacks

Defend against volumetric attacks, including DDoS and TCP/UDP/ICMP floods

Prevent DNS-specific exploits, including hijacking & cache poisoning

Infoblox Advanced DNS Protection distinguishes between legitimate and malicious DNS traffic in real time, enabling your DNS server to respond only to valid queries, even while under attack

Detect & Prevent DNS-based Data Exfiltration

Conventional security measures – Firewalls, IDS and more – are not designed to inspect and analyze for signs of data theft

Safeguarding your network from data exfiltration requires a specialized focus on DNS protection

Detect and automatically block attempts to steal data via DNS in Real Time with Unique Behavioral Analytics

Proactively Detect & Automatically Contain Malware

Over 91% of malware uses DNS to communicate with Command & Control Servers (C&C)

Existing security controls – Firewalls, Email & Web Proxies and more – rarely focus on DNS and associated threats

Proactively Detect & Automatically Mitigate Malware that uses DNS to communicate with Command and Control Servers (C&C) and Botnets, or redirect traffic to malicious sites

Remediate Infected Devices Faster and More Efficiently

Seamless integration with IPAM and DHCP provides context & network connectivity, to speed remediation of infected devices.

Share exfiltration threat information in real time with endpoint security, Network Access Control (NAC), and Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM) technologies.

View incidents in the context of network assets & security policies.

Insights help you investigate, assess risk & pre-empt future threats.

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Deploys on hardened, scalable hardware

All solutions run on Purpose-built Appliances, offering:

  • Remote Management, with environmental and fault monitoring
  • High Availability design with ECC RAM & redundancy features
  • Low power consumption, and support for the Go Green initiative
  • Solutions for high-performance DNS caching, U.S. Gov’t security requirements, NEBS compliance, DC power and more

Arrange a Demo of DNS Security Solutions

Empowered knows DNS Security

  • Empowered is a full service partner for Infoblox in North America
  • Deep understanding of network and security perimeter defenses
  • Long history in network protocols, performance analysis, optimization and monitoring, with a focus on scaling service provider networks
  • Advanced certifications in sales, professional services and training
  • Long list of reference accounts throughout North America

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