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With Infoblox NetMRI from Empowered, your network engineering teams can increase network up-time, security and responsiveness, enforce policy & compliance, and reduce risk of breaches, plus automate network changes, provisioning, analysis and insights.

Monitor and Enforce Compliance & Security Policy

Simplify enforcement of corporate & regulatory compliance requirements such as PCI, HIPAA, DISA, and NERC CIP

Translate regulations & mandates into concrete IT Policy

Leverage out-of-the-box configuration rules & policies to evaluate your network against industry best practices.

Continuously enforce and audit network device configurations, for mission-critical, large and/or multi-vendor networks.

Stay up-to-date with NetMRI Advisor.

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Efficiently Discover and Analyze Network Configurations

Automatically discover all devices on your network, where they reside, and how they link together.

Proactively monitor and analyze network configurations to identify configuration problems before they cause downtime.

Apply deep analysis and insights to optimize your network to detect issues, avoid outages, and identify rogue devices.

Inventory and visualize multiple topology layers and network constructs like VLANs, routes, and virtual networks.

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Automate Change, Deployment and Remediation

Rapidly provision new services, and implement network modifications with automation in minutes, not days or weeks.

Remediate and provision dynamically and automatically, without waiting for manual action or processes.

Harness network insights to resolve violations faster and accelerate service provisioning and network maintenance.

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NetMRI, IPAM, DNS and DHCP work better together

NetMRI feeds discovered networks and address info up to IPAM, along with network connectivity details, including:

  • Connecting device, interface and topology location
  • Connected switch port status, speed, duplex, VLAN membership

Integration with DDI enables NetMRI to automate routine tasks:

  • Provisioning new IPv4 and IPv6 networks
  • Activating, configuring switch ports, VLAN’s
  • Bare Metal Provisioning of new network devices
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Deploys on hardened, scalable hardware

NetMRI is an appliance-based solution for
Network Configuration & Change Management.

NetMRI provides a simple, powerful toolset for:

  • collecting network inventory and configuration information
  • applying changes to your network equipment
  • ensuring network configurations remain secure & compliant

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Empowered and Infoblox

  • Empowered is the only NetMRI full service partner in North America
  • 10+ years in NCCM – Network Change & Configuration Management
  • 10+ engineers fully trained and certified for Infoblox NetMRI
  • Advanced certifications in sales, professional services and training
  • Customized Add-ons to NetMRI, like NetMRI Advisor
  • Long list of reference accounts throughout North America

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Infoblox Network Automation Documents

We’ve built a deep, unique partnership with Infoblox founded upon our expertise with NetMRI and our experience helping customers solve Network Configuration & Change Management challenges.

Professional Services

Empowered is Infoblox' go-to partner for NetMRI. Our engineering staff delivers all NetMRI-related services, for customers throughout North America.

Authorized Training

Empowered is the only partner certified to deliver Infoblox NetMRI training. We deliver public classes in Santa Clara & Annapolis, online sessions, & private on-site classes.

Custom Front-end Development

Empowered develops customized and simplified GUIs for NetMRI, to address specific needs and use-cases, that deliver huge savings in time & effort, and impressive ROI

Custom Scripts for Policy Compliance

Empowered has built out processes & policy modules to help customers comply with stringent NERC CIP, SOX & PCI compliance & audit requirements.

NetMRI Advisor

This cloud-based service fully integrates wtih NetMRI, to flag security and lifecycle information that impacts the devices on your network so you can take action.

Technical Support

Empowered's Technical Assistance Center (TAC) is the first point of contact for support requests from our customers. 7x24 support is available, contact us for details.

Infoblox Network Automation Documents

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